How to Factory Reset Wavlink Range Extender – 2 Methods

WAVLINK AC1200 Dual Band Wi-Fi Extender reset guide

 Factory Reset Wavlink Range Extender Reset Guide Factory Reset is a way to restore device settings to their default factory resetting as it comes with new configurations. Probably reset is required if we forget the login password or WiFI password or extender device performance loss or unstable WiFi connectivity or sudden drop of internet speed … Read more

Best Placement of Range Extender

best wifi repeater placement

How to place Range Extender to Get Full WiFi Signal What is the ideal placement location for a range extender device? WiFi repeater signal coverage depends on the placement of the device so always site survey to pick the best location for placing the repeater device. For a larger size, a small wifi router cannot … Read more

How to Factory reset TP-Link Range Extender

How To Reset TP-Link Range Extenders with Step by Step

Facing issue with repeater device than making Factory reset TP-Link Range Extender using soft and hard can fix lot of problems. How to Factory reset TP-Link Range Extender TP-Link Wireless range extender is a small wall socket device to boost weak wifi signal and fix the low signal issues in home and office. To set … Read more

WiFi Repeater Vs Range Extender?

Most of the people confuse about WiFi Repeater Vs Range Extender and how to choose the best one to increase low wifi signal to excellent. WiFi Repeater Vs Range Extender?  WiFi full form is wireless fidelity. WiFi is a wireless technology based on radio frequency to turn wired LAN (local area network) into a WLAN … Read more

Best WiFi Router for Long Range

Best WiFi Router for Video Conference? Coronavirus changed the working style and human life that affect everyone in the world. Today online streaming platform users increased rapidly working from home due to the coronavirus. Most of companies working from home with many different video conferencing software and apps required good internet speed and connectivity. If … Read more

iBall Baton 300M Repeater Mode configuration

iBall Baton 300M Repeater Mode configuration

setup iBall baton wifi router as repeater mode to boost wifi signal coverage. follow the simple guide to setup iBall Baton 300M Repeater Mode with TP-link brand wifi router. iBall Baton 300M Repeater Mode configuration IBall WRB300N Mimo wifi router with dual external Omni antenna. It is a home wifi router for medium size house … Read more

Setup TP-Link extender to boost WiFi Signal

tp link extender

How to Set up a tp-link extender to Boost WiFi Signal Setting up range extender to extend wifi range to every area. TP-Link range extender setup bit simple and can set up using the WPS button as well as the web interface. Using a WiFi range extender you can extend the existing wifi network to … Read more

How to Reuse old WiFi Router with Different Modes

how to dispose of old router uk

Don’t throw old wifi routers and modems just use DIY to reuse old wifi router with different mode and things to utilize old routers. 6 Ways to Reuse Your Old Routers Do you replace new routers when upgrading the internet plan and dump old routers like a waste. There are many ways to reuse old … Read more

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