TP-Link CPE220 Outdoor CPE Range Extender Mode

tp-link EPE220 Repeater Mode Setup

TP-Link CPE210 and CPE220 Repeater Mode Setup TP-Link cpe220 and CPE210 both are 300Mbps outdoor CPE devices for long-distance. The difference is only antenna gain but the feature and configuration are the same. CPE220 device supports Router, WISP, Repeater, client mode as well as WDS mode. In this post, you will get a simple configuration … Read more

Why My ATT broadband blinking red ?

att router blinking red

How to Fix Att Modem Blinking Red? ATT modem Blinking red probably you facing such kind error on your ATT modem or router that is why you reached to this post and it’s the obsoletely correct place to get a solution if ATT modem flashing red light. To Fix Att broadband blinking red, first need … Read more

How to Fix spectrum DNS issues?

spectrum internet dns issues

How to Fix spectrum DNS issues? When it comes to the internet, having a stable and dependable connection is vital. Unfortunately, not all ISPs are created equally, and they often have their own issues that can disrupt internet service. A recent issue that has been on the rise is spectrum DNS issues. One of the … Read more

Fix WiFi Extender keeps Losing internet

why wifi extender keeps losing internet

How to Fix WiFi Extender keeps Losing internet When you have a weak signal in your home, the wifi extender can help you get a stronger signal. But it’s not always something that will work! This is because wifi extenders can be complicated to set up, and they are also prone to losing internet connection. … Read more

Best DSL Modem 2022

Best DSL Modems

Best DSL Modem in 2022 DSLs are one of the most widely used technologies for broadband access. It helps you create an Internet plan with your home phone service and acts as a router and modem to ensure stable Internet access. A good DSL should protect all of your home’s Internet needs while making Internet … Read more

Arris Modem Firmware Update Complete User Manual

arris firmware upgrade

How to update Arris Modem Firmware Arris is a leading manufacturer of broadband access and entertainment products that delivers innovative technology and services. They have recently announced a new firmware update for their ARRIS SURFBoard SB6190, SB6141, and SB6121 modems. These updates help to make it more difficult for ISPs to spy on your browsing … Read more

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