login Username and Password - Login Now Login Router Admin username password Every network device such as WIFI router, Range extender, a Network switch, Modems, Routers all is configured with a predefined LAN IP address. Default gateway IP address used by buffalo Repeater and routers and many others. Any brand router with default login IP address login user guide … Read more login Username and Password

Galaway Wifi Extender Setup

galaway wifi extender setup 192.168.l0.1.1

Galaway Wifi Extender Setup AC1200 Galaway G1208 AC1200 Dual Band WiFi router setup to extend wifi signal range without laying any physical cable. If you have Galaway WiFi extender N300 Single band or Acc1200 Dual-band, you required a setup guide to proper configuration fo your Repeater device with an existing wifi network. Galaway G1208 dual-band … Read more Galaway Wifi Extender Setup

SeTek WiFi Signal booster Setup [3 Way]

setek wifi range extender-192-168-10-1-1

Setup SETEK WiFi Range Extender Signal Booster Setek Technology Range extender or Signal booster device used to extend your existing wifi network in the area facing low signal issues. Setek range extender two models are available and popular, one is Setek Wifi Extender SE01 and Setek Extender SE02. Setek superboost WiFi Repeater model support 300Mbps … Read more SeTek WiFi Signal booster Setup [3 Way]

DigiCom WiFI Router As Repeater Mode

setup Digicom WiFi router As repeater mode

Setup DIGICOM WiFi Router as Repeater Mode [DG-5624T] You have Digicom 300Mbps or 150Mbps old wifi router laying with you. Why you do not use the old router as a range extender device within a few steps. This post will give your user guide to setup the Digicom wiFi router as Repeater mode to increase … Read more DigiCom WiFI Router As Repeater Mode