Login and Setup Aigital WiFi Extender

192-168-10-253-aigital wifi extender setup  Login setup Aigital WiFi Extender 192.168.10..253 is the C Class default IP address used by Aigital WiFI extender login IP as well as used by many other leading brands Router, Modem, and WiFi repeater default IP. Although this user manual provides configuration for Aigital WiFI repeater device to boost WiFi range without changing exiting … Read more

Factory Reset Airtel Xstream Nokia G2425G FTTH ONT

Airtel Xstream Fiber Nokia Router(ONT)Reset

Factory Reset Airtel Xstream Nokia G2425G ONT Modem You probably need to factory reset the modem if locked out due to various reasons. In a recent article, we have published Login and setup Airtel xStream Nokia FTTH ONT to update wireless name and password as well as other settings. If you unable to access the … Read more

Comfast WiFi Router Setup as Repeater Mode

comfast repeater setup manual

Comfast WiFi Router as Repeater Mode Comfast Wireless Router can configure as AP mode, Router mode, Repeater mode to extended wifi range. Facing signal coverage issue with host wireless router then you can use your comfastwifi router as repeater mode to boost existing wifi range without changing wifi name and password. You can use Comfast … Read more

Best DSL Modem 2021

Best DSL Modems

Best DSL Modem in 2021 DSLs are one of the most widely used technologies for broadband access. It helps you create an Internet plan with your home phone service and acts as a router and modem to ensure stable Internet access. A good DSL should protect all of your home’s Internet needs while making Internet … Read more

Wavlink AC600 Outdoor Wifi Extender Setup

Wavlink AC600 Outdoor Wifi Extender setup

Wavlink AC600 Long Range Outdoor Wifi Extender Setup Wavlink AERIAL HD2 – AC600 Model WN-WN570HA1 outdoor WiFI range extender device support dual-band wireless 2.4GHz and 5Ghz up to 600Mbps combined WiFI speed. It is a high-power 11AC outdoor device that supports an Access point, Repeater, and router mode. Wavlink outdoor device can use as an … Read more