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Roku Keeps Restarting How To Fix Within Few Steps?

 How To Fix Roku Keeps Restarting?

 Live streaming and enjoying movies, web series, and other entertainment using a smart TV or a smart streaming device. Roku streaming device or Roku smart TV gives a wonderful live streaming experience with high-definition movies and web series. Probably no one likes any disturbance and breaks while enjoying a movie or any other favorite serials but it’s too irritating when Roku keeps restarting or Roku freezes and you’re not sure what to do now. There are much reason could be that made Roku keeps restarting and you are disappointed because can’t stream. If you are frustrated because Roku frequently restarts and are not sure what’s wrong with the TV or Roku streaming device. Follow steps by step to fix Roku restarting problem.

Check the Power Adapter of the Roku Device

 If you are using a Roku streaming device that uses an external power adapter then restarting can be the reason for a bad power adapter or power socket dropping power. To fix Roku restarting issue due to a power issue just replace the power socket to confirm it’s not faulty or replace the Roku adapter with the same compatible power rating and can get it from Roku supports. If you change the power adapter as well as the power socket and still Roku freezing or restarting issue comes then follow next steps.

Check HDMI Cable

 If you are using and Roku stick keeps restarting or Roku streaming device might be a problem with a damaged HDMI cable or improper connection. Check your HDMI cable property connected with the Roku stream device as well as your TV HDMI ports. You can buy a new HDMI cable and replace it with a new cable to confirm still Roku restarting again and again.

Uninstall some Apps to Free space

 Check if extra apps not occupying storage that makes the Roku streaming device overheats and hang issue that causes of restarting frequently. Just uninstall unusual apps that not using for a long time to free up some space to fix Roku rebooting problems.

Roku Freezing Due to Poor Internet Connection

 If your Roku device or TV continuously freezes video while watching and after rebooting again gettings the same issue might be a poor internet connection or not getting proper internet speed. Check WiFi getting a proper signal from the WiFi router and internet speed enough to play high-definition video that may freeze Roku. If not getting a proper signal from WiFi router and due to a low Wifi signal video getting freezes then you can use a WiFi range extender to boost the signal and Fix Roku Stick Freezing frequently. IF the internet speed and connectivity property but still Roku rebooting or freezing issues then follow the next steps to solve it.

Update Roku firmware to fix Roku Keeps Restarting

 Using outdated firmware for a Roku stick or TV is possible to cause getting reboot itself or Roku tv keep turning off. You can check the current firmware version by visiting the device About option from settings.

Go to Setting – System Menu

About- Device Model – Firmware Version                  

Update firmware if using older firmware version and check if rebooting problem fixing or not.

Factory Reset Roku Stream Stick/TV

 After following the above checklist if your Roku stick keeps rebooting and not getting fix then the final troubleshooting is to factory reset Roku Stick or Device. Making Factory reset Roku stream stick or Roku TV will erase all installed apps and restore them into default mode. If Roku reboots due to application bugs then resetting Roku will fix the rebooting problem.

Steps to Factory Reset Roku

 ·         Press the Home button on Roku Remote

·         Scroll and select Settings.

·         Select System

·         Then select “Advanced System Settings”.

·         Select “Factory Reset”.

·         If you have a Roku TV select “Factory reset everything”

This method will make restore your Roku streaming device to factory mode and you can set up again it and install only apps that you use. Avoid installing a lot of Apps that not using for a longer time. Enough free space will make Roku stick faster and you can enjoy streaming without freezing and reboot problems.

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