Best DSL Modems

Best DSL Modem 2024

Best DSL Modem in 2024

DSLs are one of the most widely used technologies for broadband access. It helps you create an Internet plan with your home phone service and acts as a router and modem to ensure stable Internet access. A good DSL should protect all of your home’s Internet needs while making Internet calls with ease. This review guide will help you to pick Best DSL Modem for your home as well as office internet connections.

When you buy a modem, you are also responsible for its maintenance. Therefore, it only makes sense to invest in high quality. Plus, you can save extra money instead of renting a modem provided by your ISP. However, there are so many options from different manufacturers whose problem is finding the right DSL to buy.

So in this article, we put a lot of effort into you and bring you a list of the best and fastest adsl2+ modems currently on the market.

List of Best DSL Modems in 2024

1-    NETGEAR DM200 Check Price
2-    CenturyLink C2100 Check Price 
3-  Actiontec GT784WNV Check Price
4-  TP-Link TD-8616 Check Price
5- D-Link DSL-2320B Check Price

1: NETGEAR DM200 Best DSL Modem

fastest dsl modem

NETGEAR has a solid reputation for servicing the DSL industry, and the NETGEAR DM200 lives up to its importance. The DSL modem is one of the best modems and is compatible with DSL Internet Service Providers such as Frontier and CenturyLink. In terms of functionality, NETGEAR DM200 has VDSL built-in, making it compatible with almost any ADSL connection.


Because it is a combination of a router and a modem, it has all the features you need to connect to your home network or the Internet. For example, it comes with a firewall, DHC, port forwarding, etc., making it easy to connect to almost any router in your home. Durable in construction, it combines a modern (and minimalist) look with the toughness and durability you need to continue normal use.

2: CenturyLink C2100

 Top 10 Fastest DSL Modems

Like NETGEAR, CenturyLink is one of the giants in the world of Internet services and modems. The CenturyLink C2100 is just one of the company’s advantages in this area. The DSL modem comes with LAN and WLAN connectivity and supports Bluetooth technology at three different levels of radiofrequency. You can easily connect to WEP, WPA-PSK, WPS, and WPA2-PSK for security protocols while taking advantage of CenturyLink’s auto-discovery network configuration settings.


Other features of the CenturyLink C2100 are the 300Mbps 802 access point, the standard CenturyLink graphical user interface, and the PrismTV Technicolor features. With standard basic WPS, you can experience a secure and easy WLAN setup. It works seamlessly with CenturyLink Fiber and has enhanced security features to protect WAN-to-LAN traffic.

This DSL modem also provides high-speed broadband access while maintaining a very stable connection all the time. It also provides ample bandwidth to allow you to effortlessly access the Internet regardless of Internet usage or consumption.

3: Actiontec GT784WNV

actiontec dsl modem

Yet another fastest DSL modem, we have the Actiontec GT784WNV – a leading brand in high-speed internet modems and routers. This modern DSL modem is ideal for all your office and home network experience all in one device. Verizon has a reputation to secured, and the specifications offered by the Actiontec GT784WNV is designed to do just that. To ensure Actiontec performance you can search DSL modem reviews and ratings to confirm why it good DSL modem for your internet.


Action Tec GT784WNV DSL mode also provides a variety of encryptions and protections, as the modem ensures the highest level of protection and performance. The security features that give you protection from this device include the ability to limit user as well as website access to your network, parental controls, and double-grade flooding and outside attack protection with a commercial firewall. GT784WNV a high-speed DSL modem plus router is designed especially for Verizon high-speed cable broadband internet service. Its design makes it a three-in-one device, which means that it serves as a wireless access point (300 Mbps), a four Ethernet ports switch, and an ADSL plus modem. It also comes with the advantage of a quick and easy setup wizard, which means if you follow the setup instructions, you should have your broadband connection working in a matter of minutes.

4: TP-Link TD-8616

The next product to make it onto our list of the best DSL modems is the TP-Link TD-8616 from TP-Link with ADSL. TP-Link TD-8616 is a hi speed DSL modem designed to ensure that you experience a fast DSL internet connection with no lagging and interruptions.


It supports the ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ standards, which provides impressively high performance of up to 24 Mbps streaming broadband speed, working effortlessly with your internet service provider (ISP).

No matter your internet monthly usage or consumption, you will enjoy high speeds with a data transfer rate of 192 Mbps per second. TD-8616 modem is fully compatible with CenturyLink; you need to contact tech support to get the dial-up PPPoE login and password, as they might be different from your CenturyLink login credentials and password. If you have a Frontier DSL internet line, then you should experience an easy and fast connection without struggling. Installation and Setup are pretty simple to follow and configure done within a few minutes. Plus, the device’s best DSL design works long-lasting without any issues and makes your internet speed balanced always

5: D-Link DSL-2320B DSL Modem

D-Link DSL-2320B DSL modem

Yet another last but not least entry in the list of best DSL modem routers, we have the D-Link DSL-2320B ADSL 2/2 plus Ethernet gigabit DSL modem. Additionally, the D-Link DSL-2320B Modem is designed to auto-scan and detect your DSL settings automatically. Doing this helps to significantly reduce the setup time and get rid of any setup hassle. It also features an Intelligent QoS technology, that helps to balance internet speed per user as per prioritizes internet traffic. You can also rely on its wired or wireless network traffic extreme N tech, making it possible to get farther home coverage. It also comes with Duo technology, which means that you can enjoy dual wireless streaming simultaneously and enjoy multiple live steaming on the same internet without feeling slowness and buffering issues. Security side Its protection features include advanced to give you high security and a firewall that protects from outside spam flooding and other security threats.


D-Link has taken the time and effort to provide the best DSL modems and routers that support the latest ADSL standards when it comes to superior performance. Setting up and configuration for this device is pretty simple and fast, as it only requires you to connect it to your laptop or computer using the Ethernet port or the USB option. It provides you with a downstream speed of up to 24 Mbps and an upstream speed of up to 3.5 Mbps, which means you can undertake all your basic internet projects like checking your email, chatting online, or just surfing the internet. Its design ensures that it functions as both a router and a modem. Plus, you can connect it with your CenturyLink ADSL plan. If you want to share your high-speed internet connection with other computers, all you need to do is add a router with multiple ports for connection.

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