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Xfinity Wifi Keeps Disconnecting Internet [SOLVED]

Xfinity Wifi Keeps Disconnecting Internet

WiFi Keeps Disconnecting is a common issue that occurs in Xfinity WiFi as well as any other due to several reasons.  Using Comcast Xfinity Cable modem or any other modem facing keeps disconnecting issue and internet connection not stable can fix using simple troubleshooting steps. While visiting the internet forum there are hundred of the same question available about internet problems but the most common problem is “why does Comcast keep disconnecting” or Xfinity wifi hotspot not working because of frequent disconnection problems. Frequent internet disconnection can be fixed by taking a few steps that might improve your internet stability as well as give you a better WiFi internet problem. Before fixing the WiFI disconnection problem you must understand why your Xfinity WiFI keeps Disconnecting the internet while in LAN cable it’s working fine. You must know that the Internet also disconnects on LAN cable or only facing WiFi connections.

Steps Fix WiFi Internet Disconnection Problem

Facing frequent internet issues or limited or no internet problems caused many different reasons that should fix by step steps.

Check Internet Cable Loose Connection

If you facing a sudden internet disconnection problem and wifi disconnecting over WiFi as well as LAN cable then you must check the Internet cable’s loose connection. Check Internet Cable loose connection that comes from the ISP side either Cat6, Fiber, or Coaxial cable depend on your internet type.  Make sure your Comcast wi-fi keeps disconnecting but the wired connection is perfectly working seems there is no internet loose cable issue.  If the cable connection is OK but still Comcast internet keeps dropping then follow the next steps.

Wi-Fi interference Problem

channel Interference is a common reason of internet keeps disconnecting over a WiFi connection. Internet works perfectly on the wired computer but keeps disconnection on wifi users. You can fix Comcast wifi that keeps disconnecting by just choosing the right channel number that is not affected by the interference problem. Use WFi analyzer tools to know which channel not using near your router. Login to your Xfinity router from mobile or computer. Change Wireless frequency to a free channel and avoid using a congested frequency that showing too many wifi networks while scanning on wifi analyzer. After updating the Comcast wifi channel number check if Xfinity wifi issues are fixed or still the same problem. If facing the same problem you may follow the next steps.

Check WiFi Signal strength and Position

Wifi placement is an important factor to increase or decrease wifi performance and the best placement xfinity internet keeps cutting out. The most common reason the internet keeps disconnecting on wifi users is wrong placement and getting low and unstable signal range. Facing WiFi slow or connect disconnect problem in a specific location seems to have a low signal range and not getting proper connection with the router. Use WiFi scanner, and Analyzer tools to check if you getting at least 50% signal to proper connectivity from router to mobile device. Just move the router tour to the optimal location or use wifi signal booster device to fix disconnection problem that comes because of a weak wifi signal.

If signal strength is excellent or Very good but still facing Comcast internet keeps disconnecting then follow the next steps to fix the problem.

Check Service Outage

If you have confirmed all the above troubleshooting steps to fix Xfinity Wifi Keeps Disconnecting problem and still problem not solved then the final option is to confirm from the internet provider if there is any service outage issue coming from the back end. Sometimes server or back-end problems make a reason to Xfinity wifi keeps cutting out the internet and you face a disconnection issue suddenly.

If no service outage from the backend and still facing a wifi disconnection problem then just make Xfinity modem factory reset and setup with fresh configurations.

Reboot and Update Firmware

Just try rebooting your router or turning it off for a few minutes to make it cool if running for a long time continues. After rebooting if the problem still exists just log in to the modem and check if it’s updated with the latest firmware or not. You can download the latest firmware version from your router’s official website or contact your service provider to upgrade your Comcast modem.

Final word

There are many reasons behind the internet disconnection problem so it’s hard to predict without going through step-by-step troubleshooting steps.  Sometimes Cable modem hangs or due to an outdated firmware version starts disconnection from the internet and wifi user so keep updated with the latest firmware version to get the latest feature and increased performance with your home internet router.


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