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Why Does My Roku Tv Keep Turning Off – SOLVED

Why DoesMy TC: Roku TV Keep Turning off?

Roku Tv and Roku streaming stick one of the popular and best-streaming devices to enjoy on-demand shows, movies, and the latest OTT entertainment without interruption of advertisement. If you reading this article probably your Roku TV Keeps turning off and you want to know “Why does my Roku tv keep turning off” and how to fix it.

Roku Smart TV is the best way to have seamless entertainment for movies and shows where you are fond to enjoying movies and shows on the big screen. “why does my Roku tv keep turning off by itself” is the most frequently asked question on Roku and third-party forums. Although if you are using TCL smart TV or any other Android-based TV you can use this troubleshooting method to fix your tcl tv to turn off and on by itself but not sure that all solutions will work for all TV but no harm in trying it until it damage anything.

This article will provide you the complete solution to fix “Why does my TCL roku tv keep turning off” without replacing the TV because turning off the TV itself might problems with any configuration, App, or device that affect it.


Reason Roku TV Keep Turning Off Itself

Before proceeding to fix the Roku tv keep turning off own, you must understand the reason for making Roku keep turning off so you can solve the issue. There are many reasons why your Roku TV turns off frequently or while watching a Movie or sow suddenly TV keep turning off might issue with either outdated firmware, a power issue, or any device or apps that affect TV.

  • Lose Power cable or Faulty Power socket
  • Roku TV Overheating issue
  • Outdated or buggy firmware
  • Incompatible Apps or Buggy Apps
  • Faulty Remote
  • Effecting external faulty Device
  • Problem with HDMI-CEC feature

Once you know cause of Turning off the Roku TV Itself then its a bit easy to fix it with the following step-by-step troubleshooting steps.

Steps to Fix Roku TV Keep Turning off and ON itself

If you know the reason why your Roku TV turning off then it’s simple to solve the problem without even struggling a lot and calling to Roku support center.  If Roku tv is not a physical or hardware issue and the reason is other than a faulty TV then it can be fixed by following the below steps.


Check Lose Power Cable and Power Socket

The primary source to turn on the TV is a power connection and a good power cable that keeps your TV spark and fluctuations free.

Make sure your Roku TV power cable is properly connected to the TV side plug as well as Power inlet socket should be tight and properly connected.

If there is any loose connection that might generate spikes and power spark fluctuations will turn of the tv when power drops or any spark comes. So change the power socket and TV power cable to ensure there is no power issue that Turning off Roku TV frequently.

Roku TV Overheating Restart TV Itself

TV is an electronic device that heats up when it turns on and watches any show or movie continues. Sometimes if your Roku Tv is installed in the wrong place such as inside a cupboard or covered area where there is no Air pass way to cooling TV hardware then might issue with heating.

Roku TV overheating will turn off itself to keep save it hardware from burning and when it cools down its starts again. Make sure Roku TV is installed in an open place and proper cooling space available that does not let the TV overheat and its Roku tv restarting or Turning off.


Outdated or Buggy Firmware

Roku Tv is an Android-based TV so it works with software to install and use any Apps. If your Roku TV is not updated from time to time and still running on an outdated firmware release or buggy firmware will make it switch off.

Go to Roku TV settings.

Settings- System

System- System Update

How to Fix It When Your Roku TV Keeps Turning Off

Update firmware and After restarting the TV check if the problem fixed. If upgrading firmware does not fix Roku Turn off issue then follow the next troubleshooting steps.


Incompatible Apps or Buggy Apps

As Roku tv is based on Android software so if any wrong decoupled Apps that are not properly compatible with your Roku TV Android OS can problems for your Tv. Buggy apps and incompatible apps can turn or frequently restart Roku Tv.

If you recently install third-party apps from another app source and after that Roku TV keeps turning off itself, then first uninstall the apps then restart your TV and check if the problem is fixed.


Effecting external faulty Device

Any device such as Xbox, third-party set-up box, or any other device can be a problem for your Roku tv. If any external device that is connected to Roku tv misbehaves can restart or turn off the TV itself.

To fix the TV power problem just unplug all the external devices you connected to Roku tv and check for a few hours if TV does not turn off anymore. After that just plug the device one by one and find after which device plugged Roku Tv start rebooting or turn off.


Disable HDMI-CEC Settings

There are latest Roku Tv comes with an HDMI CEC option so sometimes if TV does not find any input then its turn off for power saving mode.

Just go to settings Disable HDMI CEC settings and then check if the problem fix or not.


Factory Reset Roku TV using the Reset button

Making a factory reset Roku TV will ease all settings, Apps, and other network settings you have configured. Roku TV reset will restore factory mode and need to connect again with wifi and install other apps that are not preloaded comes.


  • Locate a small reset button beside the TV or bottom side
  • Use any needle or sharply pointed pen to press the reset button.
  • Press the reset button for at least 15 seconds and release when Roku TV restarts with the booting-up screen.
  • TV will automatically reboot and restore factory configurations.
  • After resetting the TV check if the roku tv Turn off problem is solved or not.


If you able to access TV settings then you can use the soft reset method from settings by following the below steps.

Go to Settings > System.

Select Advanced System Settings.

Choose Factory Reset.

TV will ask you for confirmation that you want to reset your tv. Press OK or yes to confirm and wait until its restoring to default settings.

Most probably above steps will fix your Roku tv turn off and on itself an issue but if it still does not work for you then its time to replace your tv or if it is a warranty just raise a complaint to the Roku service center to provide a replacement or get a repair your TV within warranty.


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