How to Reset Verizon Router if Forget Login Password

Verizon Router Reset without Login if forget Password

Verizon ROUTER installed at customer end for last mile connectivity for Cox cable internet or Copper Lan cable network. Verizon ROUTER used in Cox cable or Cat6 LAN cable internet installed at user side. If your Varizon ROUTER not performing or any instability on the wireless or wired internet connection, or you might forget your login password and can’t open the Verizon ROUTER web interface.  Making Verizon ROUTER reset will help you to restore the default configuration and you need to setup it up again. follow the complete article to lear ” How to Reset Verizon Router if forget login password “.

To Fix the login problems or any other performance problem that might come because the ROUTER device running a long time without a power cycle or may be buggy firmware or hardware hanging. There are two ways to reset the Verizon Fiber ROUTER modem device if you want to restore the configuration. The first way is to reset from the Web interface, which requires login and if you face any wireless or wired connectivity issues, you can use the Soft reset method. The second method is Hard reset which is a physical process and needs to push the Verizon ROUTER reset button to restore configuration and help if you forget your login password and are unable to login to the Verizon Modem ROUTER Web interface.

If you facing any connectivity issues then Before making the ROUTER reset you should try powering off the ROUTER to process the power cycle or unplug the DC adapter power and keep your Verizon Router turned of for 30 minutes and turn it on. Also, check if the Coaxial cable is connected to the Cox port or the Cat6 Cable is properly plugged to the WAN port as well as confirm if any service outage from the service provider side to avoid resetting the Verizon Fiber ROUTER Modem.

If everything is well from the ISP side and you confirm to go with making fiber modem or WAN ROUTER restore to default then just follow the below steps to factory default Verizon ROUTER Router with and without the Reset button.

How to Reset Verizon ROUTER From the Web Interface

To make Verizon FTTH ROUTER Router from settings need to connect either a wired or wireless connection to access the web interface from the browser. Default login IP address and username password printed to modem sticker. Follow the steps to Factory default Verizon Fiber ROUTER Modem from Settings.

How to Find Your Router IP Address

  • Power ON your Verizon ROUTER if not power ON.
  • Connect using WIFI or a Wired connection from a LAN port. Use your existing wifi SSID and password if already configured.
  • Open the web browser and access or to open the Verizon Router login.
  • Find the default admin password printed on a sticker or if you already changed the default login password use the same to access.
  • verizon router reset
  • After login go to the “Advanced” settings tab.
  • Advanced- Utilities
  • Utilities- Save & Restore
  • Before making a factory reset download the configuration backup using the “manual backup” option”
  • Now Select “factory Default” and press the button to apply.
  • Verizon ROUTER modem will be restarted after making a factory reset and its takes a few minutes to reboot and restore to default settings.
  • Login to ROUTER again with default settings and restore the configuration backup you download before resettling ROUTER.

Now if you forget your login password and want to make Verizon FTTH Modem to default without login then follow hard reset methods.

Factory Default Verizon ROUTER Modem from Reset Button

Making the Reset button factory reset configuration for Verizon ROUTER is a fast and less time-consuming process. Before following the steps find the Verizon Router reset blue button or Red button or might be a different color button depending on the ROUTER model number. Follow the step-by-step Verizon ROUTER reset using the Reset button.

  • Connect the ROUTER device to the Power adapter and power ON it if its already not powered ON.
  • Locate a small Reset button Blue, Red, or black beside the Ethernet port or near the power button.
  • If No reset button then check there is a small hole to press reset button that inside the ROUTER box and you can push the button using a Needle or toothpick.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and the release button when the ROUTER Modem all LEDs suddenly turn off and turn on again.
  • Verizon Cable modem or WiFI router will be restarted automatically and after rebooting you can access using the default login username and password as printed on the sticker.

How to Reset Verizon Router

After resetting restore the configuration backup file if you downloaded it before or you can manually set up your router as per your internet type from Static IP, PPPoE or DHCP. Get internet WAN settings details from your internet provider or you can also contact the Verizon support Center to get help if you are not able to set it up again.

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