Lefant Robot Vacuum Reviews

Lefant Robot Vacuum Reviews, Setup, and Troubleshooting

Lefant Robot Vacuum Review, Setup, and Troubleshooting

The Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner M201 Auto robotic vacuum cleaner with power back and portable. The Lefant Robotic Vacuum cleaner upgraded 6D built-in anti-collision infrared sensors that help the robot vacuum detect probable stuck areas and adjust the cleaning path automatically. Lefant Vaccum cleaner support 4 cleaning mode Auto clean, Spot clean, Wall Follow clean, Manual clean that make it Lefant smart vacuum cleaner. Lefant M201 is powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries that give long-lasting and self-charging. M201 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes with accessories such as a charging base, power adapter, dust bin, cleaning brush,2 HEPA filters,2 side brushes.

If you own Lefant Robot vacuum cleaner and looking to unbox and setup it first time to understand how to work smoothly. While buying a new vacuum clear you will get lefant robot vacuum manual included with the box to understand the installation and assembling the parts such as air filter, how to power on and other startup things. Lefant M201 small ultra-thin small vacuum cleaner operated by remote and wifi enabled to connect with Alexa, Lefant apps.

lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner M201 User Manual

While unboxing and starting using Infant vacuum cleaner the first time there are many things that you should keep in mind and run Lefant robot vacuum cleaner without a problem.

Infant Vacuum cleaner safety instructions

There are some safety instructions followed while cleaning with Lefant vacuum cleaner.

  • Make sure the area should be clear to move the robot vacuum cleaner easily or remove any small object that could be an entangled power cord.
  • Read Infant M201 Vacuum cleaner manual before starting it to fix all parts such as air filter or other included with products.
  • While trying to clean any drop-off area such as stair steps make sure you operate the appliance to avoid fall in down due to any physical barriers.
  • Infant Robot M201 Vacuum cleaner only for Indoor purposes so do not use it for outdoor.
  • Do not use it without a dustbin and filters in the area.
  • Maintain the operating temperature as supported by device, below-5℃/23℉ or above 40℃/104℉).
  • Do not use a Vacuum cleaner where the child or infant sleeps.
  • Do not use pick any burning or smoking objects such as cigarettes, matches, hot ashes, or anything that could cause a fire.

Read Infant User manual to get full safety instructions that should keep in mind while cleaning the area with a Robot vacuum cleaner.

How to Connect Infant M201 Robotic Vacuum cleaner to WiFi

Infant Robotic Vacuum Cleaners only support a 2.4Ghz wireless band so your router should be enabled with WiFi 2.4Ghz to connect from Infant cleaner. Follow steps to connect Infant cleaner to Wireless for pairing.

You must download Lefant Mobile apps to manage vacuum cleaner from your smartphone and connect it with the Wi-Fi network.


  1. Go to Play Store and search “Lefant life” in the app store. Download and install apps and follow further steps.
  2. Register your Lefant life and log in to apps.
  3. Turn on the Vacuum cleaner side switch and press the power button and hold it for 3 seconds until you hear a beep sound.
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  5. The robot will be entered to configuration EZ mode and the start/pause light flashes quickly blue.
  6. Open Lefant App and select the device and in the next steps provide Wifi Password to pair vacuum clear with wifi network.
  7. If facing any error while doing network pairing please follow Lefant Troubleshooting given below.

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Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum Cleaner troubleshooting

Apart from using Lefant without problems, there are some issues come that can fix by doing some small DIY processes. Fix infant Robotic vacuum cleaner not pairing WiFI or other problem by following below steps.

Lefant M201 Network Pairing Not Working

  • Make sure your Wireless router 2.4Ghz wireless frequency band is enabled and select a supported channel as supported by Lefant vacuum cleaner.
  • Lefant m201 pairing not working could be if Mobile device not connected to same WiFi network you wish to connect M201 Vacuum cleaner.
  • While using Network pairing make sure the robot turns into configuration mode and start/Pause flash quickly blue to ensure configuration mode starts.
  • While providing a WiFI password make sure the Wi-Fi security key is correctly typed.
  • You can turn on Lefant robot and turn network pairing again from starting.

Lefant Vacuum Cleaner Not Working

IF your Robotic Cleaner not turning on or not working or may power on but not pickup dust using vacuum then follow steps to fix if Lefant m201 Not working.

  • Make sure M201 fully charged to make it turn on.
  • While charging the device make sure it’s getting charged and Lefant m201charging cable working properly.
  • Try power off and turn it on again and press the start/ pause button to work again.
  • If you using vacuum cleaner continues for a long time then take a break and let it cool down and try after some time again.

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Infant M201 Blinking Red light

Facing Lefant robot vacuum beeping red light continuously a sign of related to battery and power backup or may charging problem. Follow steps to fix.

  1. Red light blinking seems low battery so make sure battery is charged.
  2. If connecting to a charging cable make sure it’s properly charging.
  3. If Lefant vacuum cleaner is old check if the battery needs to replace because its damage or dry.
  4. Using Vacuum cleaner continues can start glowing red light due to overheating of battery so turn off device and wait for some time cool down and check again.


Fix Lefant robot vacuum cleaner Beeping Issue

Are you frustrated with the continuous beeping issue with Lefant root vacuum cleaner that not getting stop with any buttons? Follow steps to fix the beeping sound coming from Lefant robotic cleaner.

  • Getting beep sound just turn off and turn it on again and see if the beep sound stop.
  • Check settings to ensure if there is some cleaning settings getting beep sound.
  • You can reset lefant vacuum cleaner to make it restore so all settings can be restored and beep sound periblem fix.

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Lefant Robot Vacuum cleaner, not Power ON or not working

Lefant Vacuum cleaner not turning on seems there is a power issue or related to power problem can be due to different reasons.

  • Check if Battery does not drain completely.
  • Connect charging point and try it power on.
  • Remove the filter and other accessories and make it clean to start it working again.
  • Contact Lefant service center to get repair or visit website to troubleshoot the problem using forum


Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Lefant robot vacuum cleaner smart ultra-thin with automatic sensors and cleaning mechanism reviews by many users who already enjoy cleaning with it. It’s best for cleaning without fighting with a wired connection with a power socket. Its full powers backup uses a battery and is controlled by remote and mobile apps.


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