Best Placement of Range Extender

How to place Range Extender to Get Full WiFi Signal

What is the ideal placement location for a range extender device? WiFi repeater signal coverage depends on the placement of the device so always site survey to pick the best location for placing the repeater device. For a larger size, small wifi router cannot get full wifi signal coverage so we need to install wifi signal booster device to boost wifi coverage. While the setup range extender device never underestimates the placement of a WiFi repeater device.

While placing WiFi signal booster in-home or office do not forget the repeater will get internet from the main Wifi router and boost to other areas. So find a place from the main router and repeater can communicate properly to get the best performance of the WiFi signal booster device.

Every WiFi Range extender device having a limited Tx (transmitting) Power to broadcast Wifi signals. Choosing the right location is always double performance and coverage of the WiFi range extender device. Ever building structure having different so before finding a place you should know, how Range extender device works to boost signal?

How Range Extender Device Work to boost WiFi signal

WiFi range extender or Repeater device works simultaneously with AP as well as the client.

Where should I place my NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender

The client mode will be connected to the Main host WiFi Router to get the internet from the main router. The AP mode will broadcast wifi signals to boost range of WiFi networks.

The location of the range extender device can be different as per building structure so we have divide wifi booster location placement with a single floor house and double floor house.

How to place WiFi Range Extender in Single floor House

For single floor house, a home Wi-Fi router can easily cover a 1BHK house but when room and size are larger than 2BHK, 3BHK, or 4BHK in this situation range extender device required. While setup and install range extender device, placement very important to get full performance.

The distance and line of sight should be clear from the host router to the Repeater device.

How to Set Up Your Wi-Fi Extender for the Best Signal

While installing WiFi router always find a centralized location from all rooms can get the proper signal and you can avoid using any Repeater device.

This is a house with 2BHK (2Bedroom, 1Hall, and 1 kitchen) for this pick a near and center location to install WiFi repeater.

Use WiFi analyzer software to check WiFi signal strength receiving in each location where you can pick the best location for Range extender.

 WiFi Range Extender Placement on Double Story house

Wrong placement of range extender gives no internet on repeater connection frequently due to weak connectivity with the main wifi router. Extending WiFi range to big size house need a good transmitting power range extender with proper setup and installation very important.

outdoor wifi repeater

If you are facing low signal coverage with your main wifi router in double floor home than you need a centralized placement for the second floor.

If your main WiFi router installed on the ground floor and facing wifi signal issue in the upper floor than pick a location near stairs or on the second floor which can easily visible and can get the proper signal from the main host router.

Things to keep in mind while installing Range Extender Device

While planning to buy and set up wifi extender devices always keep in mind the below tips.

  • Always buy a high Tx power Range extender device.
  • Do not Place a repeater device inside any box, under the table, and inside the cupboard.
  • Do not band External antenna in the opposite direction to each other.
  • Do to install a WiFi extender device near to microwave Oven.
  • Repeater device should not very far from the Main WiFi router where signal receiving is weak.

Final Word

It does not matter you are using TP-link repeater, Netgear range extender, or D-Link extender device to boost the signal. the method of placement applies for the same. you can follow this guide to set up any brand WiFi range extender device proper placement.

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