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How to Reuse old WiFi Router with Different Modes

Don’t throw old wifi routers and modems just use DIY to reuse old wifi routers with different modes and things to utilize old routers.

6 Ways to Reuse Your Old Routers

Do you replace new routers when upgrading the internet plan and dump old routers like a waste. There are many ways to reuse old routers that help you in the network without dumping them. Every WiFi router and modem support multi-mode and that can be used for multiple works such as WLAN adapter, Range Extender, a network switch, and many others. If you buy a new router and not sure about “what to do with an old router” then read the full article to know multiple ways to reuse an old router.

1: Access Point Mode

If you upgrade the router with the latest 11ac dual-band and your old single-band router, not in use then utilize old wifi router as the Access point. You need to disable the DHCP option from the network and change the LAN IP address to avoid conflict. Create a new SSID name and password and connect a LAN cable from your internet router LAN port to get the internet. You can add an old router in AP mode in the place where your main WiFi router signals low or not reached.

2: Old Router As Range Extender Mode

The best use of spare wifi routers is setup as a WiFi signal booster or Range extender mode. Every wireless router supports repeater mode to extend the existing Wi-Fi network. You can setup your old router or modem to boost wifi signal in the low signal area using wifi repeater mode. If your router does not support repeater mode then you can upgrade with OpenWRT or DDwrt open-source firmware to add range extender mode.

3: Setup Old Wifi Router as Network Switch

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If your old router physical more than 1 LAN port available then you can use the router as a network switch to create a Local area network to connect PC, DVR, network printer, and other devices. you can turn the cable modem or router into a switch using simple steps. Just login router and disable the DHCP server from network options. And connect internet cable to one LAN port and share the internet with other LAN ports. If your router support 4 LAN port then you can connect 3 computers, printer, WiFi Access point with turn router as a switch. simple and fast way to reuse old wifi router as network switch that does not require and configurations.

Create a Local Network using Old Router

4: Use as WLAN adapter

how to use your old router as a repeater

You can recycle an old spare router as client mode to work as a WLAN adapter. WiFi router supports client mode to receive internet wirelessly from WiFi router. You can use client mode to connect a desktop computer, Network DVR, Network printer, and IP camera to the internet without laying physical cable from an internet router. Just log in to the router and change client mode to connect wirelessly to the main host wifi network. Once the old router is connected to the wifi network using client mode just plug LAN cable into the PC, DVR, IP camera, or any other device you can to connect to the internet.

5:  Reuse old Wifi RoutercUse bridge mode

Yet another best reuse old wifi router to connect bridge mode required two wifi routers. If you have multiple old wifi routers spare and not in use then setup two routers in bridge mode to connect any non-wifi device to the internet without laying physical internet cable from the router. you can use two old routers to connect two floors without laying wired cable from the internet router using point-to-point bridge mode. if you have different brands of router laying with you and both not support bridge mode due to different firmware then upgrade both routers to Free firmware OpenWRT or DDWRT to use as PTP bridge without compatibility issues.

5: Reuse Old wifi Router as NAS Storage

If your old router is the latest technology and supports USB ports to then you can turn it to NAS (Network-attached storage) to save data for backup using the network. You need a USB hard drive or pen drive to connect router USB port and you can easily access the drive from any computer and mobile connected to your router. Using NAS storage is the best thing to do with old modems and routers without throwing them and recycle in a smart way. Instead of disposing of old routers use them as network devices.


6: Use Hotspot router for Guest login

There are many free captive portal hotspot login pages available that can be installed in a router and use as WiFi gateway authentication. You can use an old wifi router as an internet gateway for guest wifi login in the office and home. You need to upgrade OpenWRT firmware or DDWrt firmware to an old router that can provide you captive portal hotspot page feature so you can use the router as a hotspot login router.

Final Word

Disposing of an old router is more difficult to reuse it to utilize as a network device. there are many things you can do with your old modems and routers without disposing of them. Some best things in the above list you can set up with your routers. If you think selling a used router will cash your router with good money then simpler is to use an old router to utilize as a network device that costs more than you got selling a refurbished router. Enjoy the important things that can be done with spare routes, not in use.


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