SuperPod with WiFi 6E

plume Superpod WiFi 6 / Plume Router Login Setup and Review

Plume Superpod Wifi 6 / Plume Router Login

Plume Router Login or Plume superPods whole home wifi system setup and configuration to boost wifi range without adding additional router in home or office. Plume superPods comes with three different variants to turn your home and office into a wifi hotspot. Plume SuperPod WiFi 5 comes with SuperPod, Superpod with wifi6, and Plume Superpod wifi 6E, and each Superpod is a pair but if you require an additional unit you add it.

If you look for Plume Superpod and Plume Superpod wifi 6 specs then all the Superpod support tri-band where 1 2.4Ghz and 2 5.8Ghz wireless bands lower and upper bands. Plume WiFi router or Plume superpod is a smart wifi device that gives you maximum wifi range without adding any physical cable using mesh technology.

Plume SuperPod wifi mesh system is best for you if you not enjoying live streaming and HD movie experience with your UHD TV or if you gaming lover than Plume Super Pod also gives you a fast and live gaming streaming experience. This article will help you complete a guide to setup Plume WiFi Super Pods or Plume wifi router along with Plume Superpods reviews and troubleshooting.

Plume SuperPods WIFI 6 Review and Specifications

The Plume Superpods review and Plume Superpod specs are both important when you go for a mesh wifi system for your home and office. While we know the requirements of our network and internet speed and what uses we have on the internet, it’s easy to find a Wifi router or mesh wifi system as per the specifications that meet our requirements.

Plume Superpod and Plume superPod WIFI 6 specs details are given below.

Specs Plume superpod Plume superPod WIFI 6 Superpod WiFi 6E
WiFi standard WiFI 5 WIFI 6 WIFI 6E
Wireless Band 2.4Ghz+5Ghz+5Ghz 2.4Ghz+5Ghz+5Ghz 2.4Ghz+5Ghz+5Ghz
Radio configuration 2×2 11ac + 2×2 11ac + 4×4 11ac 2×2 11ax + 4×4 11ax + 2×2 11ax 2×2 11ax + 4×4 11ax + 4×4 6E
Ethernet ports 2x 1 Gbps LAN ports 2.5 GigE + 1 GigE 2.5 GigE + 1 GigE
Authentication WPA2-PSK (KRACK Patched WPA2-PSK (KRACK Patched WPA2-PSK (KRACK Patched


If you looking for a Plume Superpod wifi system for your home then you can get a different online site those are authorized to sell this device to get an honest review by different users worldwide.

After the Plume router review and specification, the next part is login and configurations for the device to connect with your existing wifi network to extend its range.

Plume Router Login or Plume Superpod WiFi 6 Setup first time

Plume SuperPod wifi router is based on a mesh technology so one device should be connected to an internet modem or router using a wired connection and another superpod connected wirelessly to the first superpod unit. You can add multiple Superpod devices in the area where you facing low wifi signal issues.

There are a few steps to set up Plume Superpod wifi6 and WiFi 6 devices to boost your wifi signal range and internet speed in every location without connecting a physical wire and wifi router.


Step1- Download and install the Plume App.

Download the Plume App for your Android phone from Play Store and for the iPhone iOS App from the App Store.

You can also download the Plume app from the official website –

Step 2- Setup Up WiFi App

The next step is to open the Plume app and create a new account for your Superpod management. If you already using Superpod then log in to the same account to add your new Superpod device.

Tap “Setup up Plume WiFi

Welcome to Plume

Let’s get started

Name- mike

Email- your email address to create an account.

Open your email and confirm the Verification email sent from Plume to verify your email address.

Step 3:- Restart your modem

To make a power cycle just restart your existing internet modem before connecting to Super pod device to the modem.

Step 4:  Connect Plume SuperPod using LAN cable and Power ON

Now connect the Plume Pod using to Ethernet cable that comes with the unit to Modem Ethernet Ports.

plume superpod router

Plug in Plume super pod into the power socket and make it turn On.

Step 5:  Create WiFi SSID network name and Password

After Plume powers On you will get the “personalize Your wifi network” option in App.

Choose your WiFi name-  Create the WiFi name you want to give to the Plume WIFI network.

Choose a password– create a WiFi password for your Plume wifi network.

plume superpods wifi extender

Press the Next Button to add more Super Pod to the app.

Step 6: Add the Plume SuperPod wifi Extender Device now.

Once the main plume Superpod unit is ready swipe the app to add a new plume Superpod wifi extender unit.

If the super pod unit is powered on then the app will find it automatically and show it in your app.

Plume SuperPod AC3000 Tri-Band Home WiFi System

Just give a name to the super pod unit at the location where you installed it. Exp- Hall, bedroom, Stair, or any unit you using to make it simple management.

This is a simple way to log in Plume router or set up a plume superpod wifi system to turn your home into a wifi hotspot and enjoy the internet in any place without struggling with wifi speed and signals.


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