WiFi Repeater Vs Range Extender?

Most of the people confuse about WiFi Repeater Vs Range Extender and how to choose the best one to increase low wifi signal to excellent.

WiFi Repeater Vs Range Extender?

 WiFi full form is wireless fidelity. WiFi is a wireless technology based on radio frequency to turn wired LAN (local area network) into a WLAN (Wireless Local area network). In today’s age of smartphones, everyone knows the importance of wifi.

Before understanding WiFi repeater must know about wifi. The Wifi technology gives you the freedom to enjoy the internet on mobile and desktop without using a wired connection and sitting in a fixed location. Discovering wireless technology makes drastic changes in human life and working style. Today Wifi takes a deep place in human life and we need wifi internet everywhere.

About WiFi Repeater

wifi repeater vs extender

 WiFi Repeater takes Wireless connectivity from the host Access point and rebroadcasts the signal with improve coverage and speed. Most of the Wireless router comes with WiFi repeater mode to boost the signal in the place where the main WiFi Router signal cannot reach. In WiFi repeater mode router work client + AP same time to repeat wifi signal. Client mode gets the signal and connectivity from the Main WiFi router and AP mode broadcast it with increase wifi signals.

About Range Extender

The differences between a WiFi booster, WiFi extender and WiFi Repeater

 Range Extender is similar to repeater and works on the same methods. Range extender gets signals from the main Wifi router and broadcast with a new WiFi name and password with extended range. The latest 11 Ac wifi router comes with Range extender mode which allows you to create a range extender to get connectivity from main WiFi AP and broadcast with different wifi names and passwords.

There is also some Range extender available which needs to connect wired Ethernet and extend the network range without changing the name. but now mesh technology make it possible to use range extender without a wired connection and you can use the same WiFi name in every place.

You can use the range extender device to increase wireless signal connectivity in a dark spot with simple plug-and-play methods. The repeater device is designed to direct plug in the power socket and start boosting Wifi signal.

WiFi Repeater Vs Range Extender

 The way of work repeater and range extender both are the same to boost wifi range in the area’s main WiFi signal not reached.

WiFi repeater gets wifi connectivity from host Wi-Fi ap and rebroadcasts the same with increase signal quality.

Range Extender device also gets Wifi connectivity from the main Wireless AP but rebroadcast with a new WiFi name and password as per your choice.

Placement of WiFi Range Extender/ WiFi Repeater

 The performance and coverage of a range extender device depend on the placement. Repeater device depends on the main WiFi router connectivity so the strongest Signal quality between range extender and main Wifi device will give stable connectivity and signal coverage.

outdoor wifi repeater

Always choose the centralized location for repeater from Repeater device can get at least 45% of the signal of the Main WiFi router.

  • Do not cover the range extender device inside the box and cupboard.
  • Don’t put the repeater device inside the table.
  • Place the device in an open area where no obstacle between the repeater and Access Point. 


Final Word

WiFi repeater and range extender work on the same methods to improve weak signal coverage into increased range. Wi-Fi Range Extender and Repeater device also called WiFi amplifier and WiFi signal booster. WiFi repeater and range extender coverage range depend on the Tx power of the Repeater device.

So while choosing the best WiFi repeater for long-range wifi signal boost select the high tx power range extender device.

Read more on Wiki Pedia for detailed information.

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