why wifi extender keeps losing internet

Fix WiFi Extender keeps Losing internet

How to Fix WiFi Extender keeps Losing internet

When you have a weak signal in your home, the wifi extender can help you get a stronger signal. But it’s not always something that will work! This is because wifi extenders can be complicated to set up, and they are also prone to losing internet connection. This blog post will help you to troubleshoot your wifi extender keeps losing internet and make it work the way it should!

It’s hard enough to put in the work to find the perfect wifi extender, but if the wifi extender keeps losing internet, then it’s useless. Here are some tips to help you avoid this issue. -What is the type of router you have? -What is the feasibility between the wifi router and the extender? Are the extender and router on the same floor? -Do you have several devices that are connecting to your network?

If you have any brands range extender such as Wavlink range extender, Netgear range extender, Wifi Blast WIFI extender or any other that you may face with wifi repeater keep losing internet or showing connect but no internet. Many causes start problems with repeater devices. Follow this troubleshooting guide to fix your range extender losing internet connection.

How to Solve WiFi Repeater Keep Disconnecting or Losing Internet?

I’ve always found that my wifi extender works well when it’s not too far from the wifi router. I’ve had the most problems with it when I have it in the basement and it loses connection to the wifi router. I don’t know why this seems to be the case. I’ve read in other blogs that it might be due to the amount of wiring in the basement. But it could also be because the wifi extender is too far away from the router. Follow steps to fix Wifi extender connected but not internet or keep losing internet.

Range Extender Getting Strong signal from WiFi Router

Range extender gets internet from WiFi routers wirelessly so feasibility between the repeater and Wi-Fi router depends on range extender’s Internet speed and performance. Make sure the feasibility between the extender and host router is clear and the range extender getting at least 50% signal from the host router. If the wifi extender keeps losing signal from the router will be a reason to keep losing internet too.

The range extender should be installed in an open area from the wifi router so can range extender can get clear feasibility and stronger signal strength

Do not use Range extender under the table, inside any box, covered area where the Extender antenna can not get proper connectivity and the extender Antenna should be in the same up direction.

Check Range extender is properly configured and connected to the router

Make sure the range extender not effecting by any frequency interference or configuration running in default mode on your wifi router. Use the wifi analyzer to choose a non-interference wifi channel in the wifi router so the range extender can not affect co-channel interference.

You can log in to the range extender and check the wifi security key or change the security key with a stronger security key in the wi-fi router and setup the range extender again.

WiFi router Properly Plugged to Power Socket

Dropping power or losing power connection also can be the reason for losing internet frequently whenever you range extender getting multiple user load. If-Range extender is not properly to the power socket or the power socket may not be proper then replace the power socket or use a different power socket to confirm if the internet connection dropping fixed or still the same problem.

Upgrade Range extender firmware to the latest release

Running outdated firmware in range extender can start dropping connectivity between router as well as wifi user connected extender network. Login to the range extender device to update the firmware so all bugs can fix and the range extender can get the latest firmware that makes more reliable and smooth connectivity.

To update firmware login to your range extender device and upgrade firmware online or use a manual firmware upgrade. Get the firmware latest file from the official website and support center and upgrade it manually.

Factory Reset Range extender and Setup again

Netgear wifi extender losing internet or any other range extender with the same issue can be fixed by making extender device to factory reset mode and setup it up again. Sometimes repeater devices running a longer time and due to any bugs, range extenders can start unstable connectivity with the router as well as slow speed.

  • Plugged repeater and Power on range extender device.
  • Find a small reset button beside or bottom side that depends on the range extender brand name or model.
  • Use a needle if reset the button-hole or press the button if the reset button is available.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds and release the button when the power LED light turns ON suddenly and turn on again.
  • The range extender device will restart and takes a few seconds to restore into default mode.
  • After reset you can use the WPS methods or login method to setup the range extender device.

How to Factory reset TP-Link Range Extender

Final Words

This troubleshooting guide will work for any range extender if you facing an issue with Zenbooster, Rackspace range extender, TPlink as well as any other. The reason for dropping internet and speed with range extender might same as all range extenders work on the same technology. If you using a 2.4Ghz range extender try to upgrade with a 5Ghz dual-band range extender to avoid speed and slow internet problems. Hope all the above troubleshooting steps help you to fix WiFi Extender keeps Losing internet.

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