Wavlink ac1200 Dual Band Range Extender Setup [WN575A3]

Wavlink AC1200 Range Extender Setup

AERIAL WN575A4 AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender and Aerial D4 AC1200 dual-band wifi repeater setup to extend your dual-band wireless signal range in no coverage area. In an earlier article, e published a Wavlink single band repeater configuration guide to extend your wifi router range using the 2.4Ghz band. Wavlink ac1200 extender supports 1200Mbps combined wireless speed in 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. You can set up either a 5GHz or 2.4GHz as an extender device as supported by your host wireless router to extend the network. If your main internet router supports dual-band but can not provide a wifi range to every area then the Wavelink dual-band extender will boost your existing wifi signal range without changing the network name and password. Wavlink AC1200 range extender support AP, Router, Repeater mode and can connect with any brand WiFI Access point to boost signal range.

WAVLINK 1200Mbps Dual Band WiFi Extender, Wireless Repeater Range Extender with 2 Gigabit Ethernet Port,

There is two way to setup weblink WN575A4, and WN575A3 using the WPS button or login mode from the web interface. The configuration manual is the same for an indoor Wi-Fi range extender as well as an outdoor wifi range extender to repeater wireless signal range. Follow simple steps to setup wavlink ac1200 as a signal booster using WPS and web interface.

Setup Wavlink AC1200 Range Extender Using WPS button

Setting up a repeater device using the WPS button is the easiest and fastest way to connect the extender device with any brand WiFI router if the router supports the WPS button. Although most of the popular brands support the WPS feature if not disabled from settings. Follow Wavlink ac1200 instructions to connect signal booster using the WPS button.

How to Configure WiFi Blast Range Extender

  • Plugged Wavlink Extender device to Power socket near internet router to get proper signal strength.
  • Wait a few seconds until the extender device properly boots up.
  • Press the WPS button on the AC1200 range extender for 6 seconds.
  • Go to the router and press the WPS button on the WiFI router for 3 seconds within 2minuts of pressing the extender button.
  • Monitor the extender LED light and once the signal LED glows check-in mobile wifi you will get a new SSID with Repeater_ext and connect and check the internet.
  • After successful configuration find an optimal location for the range extender where you can cover the maximum area and also the extender can get at least 50% signal range from the host wifi router.

This is a simple and faster method to setup Wavlink high power wifi amplifier dual-band as well as single-band using the WPS button without login to web interface settings.

If your router does not support the WPS method and you have only one way to connect the extender device using the web interface then follow the next method to connect the wavlink ac570, ac1200 dual-band extender from settings.

Setup AERIAL D4 – AC1200 Dual-band extender from Web interface

Wavlink AC1200 WiFi booster setup using web login method required login IP address, username, and password that printed to device sticker as well as included Quick user guide or get wavlink ac1200 manual pdf file from the official support site.

Default Login IP Address-

Wavlink Extender Login URL–  ap.setup

Default Login username– admin

Wavlink login Password– admin

Steps to Setup Range extender from the web interface

  • Plug the Wavlink booster device to power the socket and turn on the power.
  • Connect a wired LAN cable from the extender Ethernet port for a wired connection or connect WavlinkIn or Wavlink_ac extender SSID showing in laptop or mobile WIfi.
  • Make sure your PC/Laptop LAN TCP IPv4 settings in DHCP mode.
  • Open the web browser and access http://ap.setup or and wait to load the login page asking for a username and password.

Provide username and password as printed to your extender sticker and login device settings.

wavlink ac1200 manual

After login, you will land on the router status page where you can see all software firmware versions, hardware versions, Mac addresses, and other details.

Press the Repeater button and wait to scan the extender device for the Wi-Fi router running nearby. After a few seconds, you will get the list of all wifi network names broadcasting near the extender devices.

  • Select your Existing Wi-Fi name and provide your Wi-Fi existing wifi password.
  • Wireless SSID– create a new name for the extended network you want to use.
  • Security key– Provide WiFi password for existing Wi-Fi password.

wavlink ac1200 manual pdf

Press the Apply button to save settings and wait until the extender saves settings. After a few seconds, your repeater device will be connected to the wifi router.

Place your extender device in the proper location where the repeater can get a good signal from the host router.

If you facing any login problems IP address, or password not working follow the below steps.


Login IP address not working or site can’t be reached error.

  • Please check you are connected to the same Wifi name.
  • Check using http://ap.setup to access the device and avoid spelling mistakes http//:ap.setup or any other.
  • Make sure your PC/laptop firewall or antivirus does not block the extender login URL.


Range extender connected but no internet issue

  • If you using the WPS button to setup wavlink then make sure your router WPS option is enabled from settings and the extender is successfully connected with the router.
  • Check if the host Wi-Fi router working internet connection.
  • The WiFi password of the host router should not be wrong while setup the repeater device.
  • If still facing the same issue you can make the extender device factory reset and setup again from fresh.


This is a simple user manual to configure Wavlink ac1200 range extender device with any brand wifi router that supports dual-band or single-band wifi.


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