Ring Chime Pro Setup Extender with Ring App

Ring Chime Pro Setup

ring chime pro is a smart camera and doorbell solution with a ring chime pro range extender device to turn your home into a secured home using wireless ring chime camera device at different locations. Ring chime provides a complete security monitoring solution with a wireless wall socket plugged in that makes your all-ring camera get connected with ring apps where you can monitor each and every location even you are not in the home. If you planning to buy a new ring chime pro solution or you already own one but not sure how to setup Ring Chime then this article will help you to setup your Ring chime camera and extender solution with a few steps.

You required an active internet connection with a WiFi-enabled router that connects ring chime wifi extender to get connected all ring device.

Steps to Setting Up Your Ring Chime Pro in the Ring App

Ring app makes it possible to monitor your doorbell and security camera from any place using the internet. There are few simple steps to setup a ring chime camera using the Ring App that is a DIY process.

Download Ring App for Android and iPhone

The first step is to download the Ring app for your phone if the Android phone visits the play store and App Store for iOS store.

After installing the ring app open and select “create a new account” for first-time setup ring chime or if you already using the Ring apps account login same to add your new ring devices.

Connect New Ring Device

  • After login to the Ring account go to set up a new device and select chimes.
  • A code scanner will open and scan the code available on the Ring chime device to add the device to ring app.
  • Ring app QR code and Mac address printed to devise backside sticker. If your camera not works you can enter manually to add a device.
  • Point the camera to the bar code or QR code available on the Ring device and wait to read.

BUY Ring Chime Pro

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  • After scanning the device select the location of the new ring camera you want to set up for or if you already established any location previously you can select the same from the location list.

ring doorbell chime locaions

Setup Ring Chime Pro Extender Device

Ring chime pro a range extender device used for Ring devices to provide a strong signal range where your wifi router can’t reach and you have installed a ring doorbell or security camera.

Best Placement of Range Extender

  • Plugin ring chime pro to a power socket near to the wifi router and the ring device you looking to set up. Ring pro blue light will be flashing after turn on.
  • If the settings of Ring chime pro first time it will start in setup mode automatically or press the button to start in Setup mode.
  • Wait a few seconds to ring the Chime pro logo in front of the ring pro to begin pulsing slowly. Press the continue button on Ring apps.
  • Connect Ring chime pro to the wifi network by selecting your wifi name when Ring chime pro shows wifi network list.

ring doorbell chime pro

  • Provide the password of your existing wifi network to allow connection from Ring chime pro and press continue

How to Fix WiFi Signal issue using Old WiFi Router

Connect Your Ring Device

Go to your Ring app and connect your Ring device to the Ring chime pro network.

In iOS press the “join” button to connect the ring app to the ring network.

In the Android ring, the device should automatically be connected to your ring network. If not connected go to Settings- wifi and connect the ring network from the ring app.

You can configure alert motion and other feature types in your ring apps as per your requirement.

This is a simple user manual to setup a ring device using Ring chime pro wifi extender from Ring apps. You can repeat the process to add multiple-ring cameras or doorbells to single-ring apps and ring networks.


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