Wyze Wifi Extender Setup To Boost WIFI Signal

Wyze Wifi Mesh Router Setup To Boost WIFI Signal

Wyze Wifi extender setup to boost Wireless signal and speed in the no coverage area. Either you using

Wyze Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router or a simple WiFI extender device to fix the signal problems for your Wyze camera setup all you need to set up with your existing wifi network first. Wyze wifi 6 mesh wifi router turns your all home into a wifi zone without lying physical network cable from the host internet router.

Wyze WIFI extender helps you to connect your Wyze camera if you place it outside and the host router signal couldn’t reach the location you want to install the camera. There are simple ways to connect the Wyze extender device with your host router using WPA push button that does not require technical skill and if you are a non-technical person you can do it in a few fingertips guide.

Wyze AX3000 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router System

Setup Wyze dual band WIFI extender or Wyze Triband WIFI 6 Mesh router both can be managed and configured from a mobile device using wifi connection.  To setup a Wyze mesh router you need to connect a primary device to host the internet and the second and third device will be connected to a primary device using wireless.

Setup Wyze WiFi Signal booster to Connect Wyze Camera

Before settings, the Wi-Fi extender device makes sure your Host wifi internet working and you are able to physically access to press the WPS button. Unbox your Wyze mesh Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi repeater device and follow the steps to configure your host internet setup.

  • Unbox the Wyze Mesh extender device and plug it into the power socket near the main internet router.
  • Go to the host WIFI router and find a small WPS button beside the Ethernet port.
  • Press the WPS button on the Host router for 2 seconds and go to the Wyze Extender device.
  • Press the WPS button on the Wyze extender for 2 seconds within 10 minutes of pressing the WPS button on the main internet router.
  • Monitor Signal LED light of the Wyze extender LED will start flashing on the extender device after a successful connection with the main internet router.
  • Once the repeater device is connected to your existing wifi network you will get a new WIFI name as shown below. If your existing wifi name is “Home-WIFI” then Extender SSID will be “Home-WIFI_EXT” which will be an extender network.
  • The WiFi password of the extender network is the same as your old wifi network.

After configuration for the signal booster device now placement of the Wzye extender device is important to get proper signal and speed from the host WIFI router.

Placement of Wyze Mesh Router / WiFI Extender

Placement of a WIFI booster device is very important to get maximum performance of signal booster device. There are many things to keep in mind while installing a range extender device. Follow the steps to place the Wyze cam wifi extender after configurations.

  • Make sure WiFi extenders both antenna in the same direction toward Upside.
  • The WIFI extender device should be in the location where the host router is feasible and get at least 50% signal strength.
  • Avoid using a Wifi extender device under the table, or inside any box or cupboard that will lost connectivity with the host wifi network and you can face no internet error while connecting to the extender SSID.
  • Find a location where the extender device can be free from surroundings and no object-stopping signal.

Best Placement of Range Extender

After placement of the Wyze extender device now if you forget the WIFI password of the extender device or face any problem with the wifi connection then follow the steps to factory reset the Wyze Mesh router or extender.


Factory Reset Wyze WIFI Mesh router/ WiFI signal Booster

Making wyze base station wifi extender or Mesh router factory reset steps are almost the same. Only the reset button location might be changed for the Wyze Mesh router or wifi extender device. You can use Wyze factory reset if facing any issues while trying to setup up your internet router.

  • Plug Wyze Router to the Power socket and make it power on.
  • After the extender is properly powered ON, find a small reset button beside the extender device.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and monitor the LED lights.
  • After resetting the command excuse extender LED light will start flashing and the booster device reboot automatically.
  • After rebooting you will get the extender Default wifi name showing.
  • Connect the default SSID or use the WPS push button again to set up your Wyze extender device with your host internet router.


Final word

Not only Wyze mesh router but you Can use a wifi extender with a Wyze camera to boost wifi range and increase the monitoring area to add more Wyze cameras with an extender device. The configuration manual for the Wyze Mesh wifi 6 router, as well as single band n300 wifi extender device, are the same only the dual-band extender will broadcast 2 SSID names whereas with the single band, you only get 1 WIFI SSID.


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