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Default gateway IP address is a private IP address from C class IP series network ID and is the broadcast IP address. Login router with default IP address simple as logging in any router or modem with IP address Most of the routers and modems’ default login IP address is and the process of login to the web interface is the same.

Any Wireless router, cable mode, DSL/VDSL modem configured with default login IP address is also protected with a login username and password that is printed to the sticker as well as a quick user manual included with the device. Although “admin” is the most popular and most used default login username and password for many leading brands routers and modems still there are a few more combinations of usernames and passwords used.

To log in default IP address 192.168.l.55 from the web interface you need to connect the router using wired or wireless from a desktop or Laptop. Default login username and password for different brands of routers and modems that configured the same login IP address can be different. Default username and password along with router name model number and other information printed to router sticker so follow the steps below.

Default Login Username and Password

Login username and password can be different for each brand but there are some popular brands that use using same username and password. You can find the default username and password printed on the sticker’s bottom side or beside your modem or router.

Username Password
admin admin
admin password
admin 1234
root admin123
na admin


Login and Access Router with

A wired or wireless connection is required to access the router web interface from a browser or mobile. You can use WiFi default SSID and password to connect for the first time and use a LAN cable connection from the LAN port to the Desktop/Laptop and follow the steps.

  • Unbox your router/modem/ Wireless Access point connect to the DC power socket and turn on it.
  • Use LAN cable from any LAN port if multiple LAN ports and connect to a Desktop or Laptop.
  • Use the default Wi-Fi name and password printed on the sticker for wireless connections.
  • Open the web browser and access or to the URL bar.
  • If everything works fine then you will get the router login page and use the “admin” username and password or check the default login username and password printed for your router.
  • Once you login into router settings, you need to configure Internet WAN settings, Wireless, system settings, and other settings.

How to Find Your Router IP Address

How to Change Wireless SSID and Password?

WiFi SSID network name and password are pre-configured in the default name and easily available on the sticker as well as the official support site. Change your Wireless SSID and password to secure your internet settings.

Go to the Wireless tab from the settings menu.

Wireless- Basic Settings

Wireless Radio- Enable

Wireless SSID- Change wifi name here

Channel- Auto

Channel Bandwidth– Auto


Passphrase- set a stronger password here (use alphanumeric and special characters to create a stronger password)

Save settings and connect your wifi device with the new WiFi SSID and name.

If you are unable to access the router using login IP 192.158.l.55 or the IP address not working from the browser then you need to troubleshoot the network connection or other problems.

How to Fix if IP address Not working?

If the router login page not working or taking too long time to respond need to fix a problem that comes due to wrong configuration or an issue with the network connection. Follow the steps to fix the router login problem.

  • Make sure the Router turns on and uses the router’s original DC adapter.
  • If using a Wi-Fi connection make sure your mobile/Laptop is connected to the same WIFI network and not showing limited or no connectivity.
  • Using LAN connection should be connected to the LAN port of the router only.
  • If trying to login to an Access point or network switch that has no DHCP server enabled then make sure you using the static IP address to except using in Lan settings.
  • Make sure the default login IP Address for your router has already not changed from to any other IP address. Use an IP scanner or command prompt if using Windows to see what IP address is provided by your router.
  • Make sure you are using IP address properly instead of using wrong IP address http//, 192.168.l.55, http//, 168.1.55:550,, http/,
  • If you are able to access the login page but wrong username and password because forgot your login password and the default password not working then you should make a router factory reset.
  • Use the reset button to factory reset the router and restore the default configuration.
  • Power ON the router, press the reset button for 10 seconds, and release when the router restarts.

After restoring the router to default mode you need to setup it up again as per your internet type and internet settings get from your internet providers.

This simple login guide to access a router with default IP address comes in default mode and you need to change your wireless SSID and password to protect your network and wifi device.

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