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Default Admin login for a wireless router, cable modem, and VDSL/DSL modem is required to set up it for broadband connection as per internet settings. Default login IP is used by some brands as the default gateway addresses such as LevelOne, Prolink, Amit, and a few others. If you trying to log in 192.168 123 254 IP address for your router that is printed to the modem sticker but are not sure how to initiate the login process then this login guide will give you a complete process with easy steps.

The default username and password for are available on the router or modem sticker along with the default wireless SSID name and password if the modem supports WIFI as well.  A router needs to connect from a computer or laptop or mobile using the wired or wireless connection to access settings with default IP for the first time. is not only the default IP address used for the router so if the IP address does not work with your modem then also you can try,, 192.168.2,1 and default login IP address used for default login settings. Default login credential printed to modem sticker. If you trying to login to an old modem or wireless router but the sticker is damaged or vanished all information is printed just try below login username and password to access the modem.

Default Login username and password

Check the router sticker for the default login credential for the first time or if you had made the router reset then also default login will work. Admin and password is the most used default password for any brand router so you can try them or find more username passwords given below.

Username Password
admin admin
admin password
(blank) admin
admin 1234
n/a admin
root (blank)
root admin123

These are the most used default login usernames and passwords by many different brands of wireless routers, Wired modems, Cable modems, DSL modems as well as other network devices. Get ready with default login settings, and LAN cable if want to access using a wired connection to login 192.168 123.254 modems.

Access Settings from the Web browser using 192.168 123.254

After getting ready default login credential is printed to the modem now you can proceed to access settings from the web browser. Follow the steps below to log in to modem settings from mobile, Laptop, or PC.

  • Power ON the router/modem using the DC adapter as comes with the device.
  • Connect the LAN cable from any LAN port to the computer/laptop Lan port for wired connections.
  • Connect Wi-Fi SSID and Default password printed to the modem or if you configured already use the same wifi password for wireless connections.
  • Open any web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Edge, and access or and wait until the modem page is not loaded properly and you got a username and password options.
  • Once you got the router login page then must authenticate with a username and password. Use the default “admin” or find the default login username and password printed to the sticker.
  • Once the login process is completed you will get all router settings with admin rights where you can configure and change any settings.

Change the wireless SSID and password for your wireless modem to make it secure from using a weak default login name and password that is not recommended.

Change Wireless SSID network name and Key

Default Wireless SSID most probably open in default router settings but some router used a normal wifi password such as “1234567890” so it’s important to change the default SSID as well as the password to protect the wifi network.

PROLiNK H5004N Wireless-

Go to the Wireless option settings menu.

Wireless– Basic settings

SSID Name– Change WIFI name here


Channel width – Auto

Security- WPA2/WPA_PSK_AES

Security key- wifi password (create wifi password here)

Save and apply the configuration and you will be disconnected from the router if using the wireless connection.

Connect all mobile, laptop, and computers with the new wifi name and password again.

Apart from login router without any error if you are unable to access the router and might IP address not be working, an invalid username and password or any other network or configuration issue that can not access the router login page.

Fix the IP address Not working not working or taking time to respond or failing to load the login page might be blocking any firewall, restricted from browser settings, or network misconfigurations. Follow the below steps to fix the IP address not working or is unable to access from a browser.

  • Make sure the Router is powered ON and using the same router as supported by the device.
  • Using LAN connection should be in the LAN port of the router instead of WAN.
  • Use the IP address proper  or  avoid using the wrong IP address 192.168.l23.254, 192.168 123.254, 192.168.123 .254,,192.168 123 all IP address invalid and will return to error page.
  • Use the default IP address username and password printed to router sticker if getting the wrong username password error,
  • If you changed the admin password but forget then you can use the reset button to factory reset the modem.
  • Press the reset button for 10 seconds to factory reset your modem to default settings.


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