How to Fix spectrum DNS issues?

Fix Spectrum DNS issues If showing Limited or No internet 

When it comes to the internet, having a stable and dependable connection is vital. Unfortunately, not all ISPs are created equally, and they often have issues that can disrupt internet service. A recent issue that has been on the rise is spectrum DNS issues. One of the major causes of this is the improvement in bandwidth for streaming services over the last few years.

Spectrum Internet is an internet service provider that offers home internet connections. They have recently been experiencing DNS issues which cause connection issues for people who use Spectrum internet.

Spectrum DNS issues are a common problem for people living in a Spectrum internet area. The issue can be fixed by making an IP reservation, but it can also be fixed using a spectrum internet DNS workaround

Many Spectrum internet subscribers are reporting that their internet service has been experiencing intermittent disconnects or slow speeds. This is because Spectrum is using outdated, less secure DNS (Domain Name System) servers. Spectrum Internet subscribers are being advised to use a third-party DNS server to ensure a stable connection to the Internet. The most popular third-party DNS providers are Google and OpenDNS. These DNS servers will provide a higher level of security and protection against malicious software.

I’m going to give you a run-down of what could be happening if you’re experiencing issues with Spectrum DNS. Spectrum has made some changes to the way their DNS works that have caused some issues for a lot of customers, which we’ll cover in this post. Spectrum has stopped doing a few things that were causing the most issues,


Way to Solve the DNS issue on Spectrum Modem

There are different ways to fix spectrum DNS problems either using third-party DNS servers or a global DNS server that fix DNS issues. Facing a DNS issue will redirect any website to a DNS error page because without a DNS server site can not load using its name. DNS (domain name server) lets a website convert from IP to name while we trying to access any website using a name.

Clear Browsing Cache and History

If you facing a DNS error on Desktop or laptop browsers that might issue with the saved browser cache that redirects the site to the saved cache.

Go to browser settings. Delete cache, history, and temporary files if any are saved, and check again for Spectrum DNS issues.

Restart Spectrum Router

If you facing any issue with DNS and suddenly the internet stops working and redirects to DNS issue needs to be fixed.

You can restart the router to power cycle or turn off the router for a few minutes and turn it ON again.

Check again if the router providing DNS to wifi or a wired device and your DNS problem is fixed.

Change Router DNS Manually

Spectrum router allows you to update the DNS server manually in LAN settings. You can use a custom DNS server in your router from settings.

  • Connect Spectrum router using LAN port or WiFI.
  • Login spectrum Router IP address as printed to router sticker.
  • Login with spectrum login username and password or use the admin password if you changed it already.
  • Go to the Service tab under the Spectrum settings menu.
  • Select Router under the Equipment option.
  • Go to the Advanced Settings tab.
  • Tab DNS Server and select Manage DNS.
  • Use Global DNS such as 2.2.2,, or on primary and secondary DNS options.
  • Press the Save button to confirm the configuration and check your internet DNS issue should be fixed the spectrum DNS outage.

    spectrum dns issues

How to Find Your Router IP Address

Use Custom DNS manually

Another way to solve the DNS problem with Spectrum modem is using DNS manually to Desktop or laptop LAN settings.

Go To Windows, Linux, or Mac IP settings. use static IP addresses and use primary and secondary DNS manually. Use global DNS such as or, DNS to test if DNS issues fix manual DNS.

If the Spectrum DNS issue is solved using manual DNS you can use the same DNS to spectrum router LAN settings as followed above steps.

Disable System Firewall

DNS issue also comes if the firewall is enabled and a filtering rule blocks DNS from loading the website. If you facing any particular website loading and getting a DNS error then disable the system firewall and test again. If you are using Antivirus and Antirurs firewall enables or browsing protection enables block DNS then try to disable the antivirus for some time and see if the problem getting fixed.

Contact Spectrum Support Center

If you have applied all the above troubleshooting steps and still DNS error is not resolved then you can contact Spectrum customer support to visit or replace your Spectrum modem or router with a new modem or upgrade the model number with an upgraded version.

Final words

Most probably any of the above solutions should work to fix the Spectrum DNS issues with your Spectrum internet router or modem device. If you think you are not able to fix the issue or you need technical help just contact the spectrum service center and get telephone or offline support from the company. You can try resetting the spectrum modem and setup it up again or upgrading the firmware with the latest version if any is available.


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