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Arris Modem Firmware Update Complete User Manual

How to update Arris Modem Firmware

Arris is a leading manufacturer of broadband access and entertainment products that delivers innovative technology and services. They have recently announced a new firmware update for their ARRIS SURFBoard SB6190, SB6141, and SB6121 modems. These updates help to make it more difficult for ISPs to spy on your browsing history, and all updates are automatic.

The Arris modem firmware update is a necessary update for the modem. The firmware is the software that controls the modem, and the update is necessary to maintain the modem’s performance. If your modem needs an update, then you need to download the latest version and upload it to your modem.

Why Need to update Arris Modem Firmware

In order to keep up with the evolving world of technology, Arris has issued an update for the firmware for their modems. This update includes fixes for a number of bugs and adds new features. Some of the features the update includes are a Wi-Fi connection indicator, a Wi-Fi power save mode, and an improved QoS. This update is recommended for all Arris models.

Arris cable modem firmware upgrade is a process of upgrading the firmware of your modem. The firmware is a set of instructions that tell the modem how to run. Sometimes, hardware is updated so that it can run better or fix bugs. You will want to upgrade your firmware if you see your connection dropping off frequently or if new features have been released that you may want to use. This article will help you with the process of upgrading your firmware.

How to upgrade Arris Modem Firmware

The Arris modem is a common device used with internet service. The firmware is a type of software that operates the modem and is used to manage and control the modem. When it’s time to update the firmware on your Arris modem, you need to visit the Arris status page that provides instructions on how to upgrade the firmware. Follow step by step to update Arris dg2460 firmware update in a simple way.

Login Arris modem to upgrade firmware

To upgrade firmware first step is login into the router web interface to check the currently installed firmware version. Why do I need to update firmware manually when it can update itself. Sometimes modem is unable to upgrade the latest firmware due to some error and technical issue that need to update firmware manually.

Connect Arris Modem using LAN cable from Ethernet port while upgrading firmware version. Avoid using WIFI connection to upgrade firmware because its update process can damage your router if any interruption comes during firmware upgrade.

  • Connect LAN cable from PC/Laptop to Arris router LAN port.
  • Open a web browser and access and wait until the modem page loads.
  • Use default username “admin” and default password “password” for Arris default login settings.
  • arris firmware update
  • Check status or overview page for current firmware version installed to confirm downloading upgrade version from Arris support site.


Download the Latest Firmware Version of Arris Modem

To manually download the firmware version from Arris’s official website, need to get a compatible firmware version as supported Arris modem. A

Visit and navigate the download page to get the latest Arris firmware version.

Search Arris modem model number and check the upgraded version of firmware from the already installed firmware version checked on the router.

Download and save firmware to drive and follow the next steps to upgrade to the latest firmware version.

Upgrade Arris firmware manually

Upgrading firmware manually takes a few minutes and it’s a manual process that needs to do every time. An automatic firmware upgrade is a self-upgrade process in the router keeps checking the latest firmware versions and upgrades when any new firmware version is released.

Open Arris modem Settings using Login IP address as followed above steps.

Go to the administrator page or Utility option as per Arris modem model number settings menu can be different.

Firmware upgrade

Click the browse button and upload the Arris firmware file downloaded to the drive.

Once the firmware file is uploaded press the update button to confirm the firmware upgrade.

Note: Do not disturb router power and LAN cable during firmware upgrade. Connection disturbance can brick the router permanently so wait until the firmware upgrade process is done successfully.

Once the firmware upgrade process finishes login router web interface and checks the firmware version should be changed to the latest firmware version as downloaded from the Arris support center.

how do i update the firmware on my arris modem

Test Modem Performance after firmware upgrade

The benefit of upgrading Arris firmware will fix a lot of bugs and unstable issue that comes due to a router running older version longer time. You can see modem performance different before and after firmware update with getting better connectivity, stable wi-fi network, and fixing many bugs.

To check router performance after the arris modem updates to the latest firmware connect your mobile or Laptop using the Arris modem using wifi.

Check your internet speed using to make sure the Arris router gives better internet speed and stable connectivity.

How to Factory Reset Arris modem after firmware upgrade

After updating the Arris modem if you facing any issues due to running an older configuration then you can make the router factory reset the post firmware update process.

There are two ways to reset the Arris surfboard modem using Login method or using the reset button.

If you are able to log in to Arris surfboard from the web interface then visit the UTILITY or the System tab to factory reset the modem.

If you forget the modem login password and can’t log in to Arris modem using default settings then follow below steps to reset the modem using Hard reset methods.

  • Power on Arris modem with DC adapter.
  • Locate the reset button available on the router or probably reset the keyhole available for some Arris modems.
  • Use a needle or paper clip to press the reset button.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds and release the button.
  • Monitor modem LED lights will turn off and Turn on automatically while executing the reset command using the reset button.
  • The modem will take a few seconds to retore into default mode.
  • Use default login settings printed to Arris modem for first-time login and configure your modem again as per internet settings.


Final Words

Arris modem updates timely required for modem and routers to keep it up to bugs free and add the new feature as well as improve performance of the router. Firstly, you can enable Arris modem online firmware upgrade option from router settings and if due to any network issue router is unable to update the firmware itself then you can manually update the arris modem firmware when any new firmware update is released. Also, you can find the user manual for updating Arris cable modem firmware from the official website as well as help from the customer support center. This manual will work for arris nvg468mq firmware download, arris dg2460 firmware update as well as arris sbg7600ac2 firmware update and any other Arris modems.


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