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Fiber ST Connector and MTP MPO Fiber Connector

Fiber ST Connector Meaning and Use in FTTH Network

If you are an ISP you must use a Fiber ST connector with a fiber network and if you are an internet subscriber then you must see a fiber patch cord connected to your modem with an ST or SC connector. What is an ST connector and how to use an ST connector to avoid loss of fiber?

A FTTH ST connector in full form is a Straight Tip connector used to connect a FTTH ONT device using a Fiber cable. ST Connector is a bayonet locking system used to connect a device to connect with Fiber but an ST connector is not only the connector that is used in a Fiber network. ST connector has now been replaced with many latest new FTTH connectors such as LC, SC, FC, MPO, MTP, Din, and many other connectors.

Using the LC, SC, and ST connector there are many cables combination available for Fiber networking such as SC to LC, SC to APC, LC to SC, and SC/APC. You must be aware of all these Fiber Connector types if you are an internet provider or a fiber manufacturer or service provider.

What Is St Fiber Optic Connector?

Straight Tip (ST) fiber connector is a fiber Connector developed by AT&T and uses a 2.5mm ferrule that is mounted on the inside of the housing after the Fiber FC connector is developed. ST Fiber connector uses a bayonet fitment steel polish connector to tight instead of screw threads.

initial it is used for connecting fiber networks and used in fiber networking but there are many simple and easily fitment fiber connector comes that make an easy replacement of ST connectors.

st fiber connector


As the new Fiber connector is available with a multimode fiber where we cannot use st multimode fiber connector and its limited to use only single-mode fiber.

ST connectors in fiber networks are still used due to easy connection and low-cost connectors.

LC Fiber Connector

LC Connector was developed by Lucent Corporation so you can call it a Lucent connector or LC connector as well. It is an upgrade or replacement of the SC connector to connect the fiber modem or last-mile connectivity. LC connector is used to connect a fiber patch cord from a Fiber splitter, from FTTH ONT and ONU device and there are readymade LC fiber connector patch cords available to connect from a Fiber switch to direct a Fiber ONT or other device to distribute fiber network.

lc fiber connector
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LC connector is a small size connector easy to plug and unplug from a Fiber modem and other fiber panels. It is used in a wide range with GPON, EPON, and XPON fiber networks at the OLT side as well as the client end side. The fiber patch cord one-sided LC connector and another side direct spice with the main fiber core so its easy to plug with your Ftth ONU and modem device is it’s using an LC connector.

Fiber SC Connector

Yet another type of Connector is the SC connector also used in Fiber networking to connect fiber Equipment using fiber optics cable. To find the difference between SC and LC you need to read more about lc vs sc fiber connectors usually both types of connectors are used in fiber networks with SFP modules that are different types for both SC and LC.

There is also a combination of LC to SC and LC to SC connector fiber patch cords available that are used in different kind of fiber networks that depend on the last mile connectivity PON port type that supports SC or LC type connections.

FC Fiber Connector

After  SC and LC connectors, another fiber optics connector called is the FC connector. the FC connector similar to ST connectors a stainless steel cylindric type connector utilizes a 2.5mm ferrule.

FC connector same as the SC connector to keep it tight while connected with its thread so that not make any loose connection.

MTP fiber Connector and MPO fiber Connector

MTP and MPO fiber connectors are other connector types used in fiber networking. The meaning of the MTP connector is Multi-fiber Termination and the full form of MPO is Multi-fiber Push On. MTP and MPO fiber optics connectors are used in highly scalable applications with duplex up 10Gig data centers.

mtp fiber connector

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MTP fiber connections and MPO fiber connectors are most used is the termination of multi-fiber ribbon connections in high-density indoor environments. MTP and MPO connections are available for Single mode as well as multi-mode fiber. You can also find the difference between the MTP fiber connector and the MPO fiber connector that is both used for  Aggregate networking and high-density fiber patch panel.


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