Asus Router Red Light, No Internet

Asus Router Red Light – How to Fix ?

How To Fix Asus Router Red Light Problem

Asus router’s red light blinking or the Asus router’s WAN led light showing red means there is something wrong with the network and internet that needs to fix. Did you suddenly experience that the internet stop working and notice there is Red light on Asus router on the WAN port or Internet LED? There are common reasons behind Asus router red light issues such as loose cable, faulty modem, broken cable or damaged connector, ISP outage, Internet plan end, or modem outdated or buggy firmware.

Fixing Asus modem Red light error is a DIY process that can solve without getting support from the Asus support team if you follow this article. To solve Asus router red light globe and no internet issue you must follow the steps from the cable connection to upgrading modem firmware the last way is to replace the modem it is still ASUS router red light no internet problem not solved.  This article will help you to Fix the ASUS Cable modem red light or Asus Wi-Fi router Red light error that the internet stops working and you struggling to fix it.

The reason behind the Red light on Asus routers or modems

A common cause of the red light problem is given below.

  • Loose RJ45 Connection and damaged Cable
  • The cable connector is damaged or rusted.
  • Wrong Internet configurations.
  • ISP service outage.
  • Outdated firmware or buggy firmware
  • Damaged Modem/ Router

Asus Router Red Light, No Internet


Lose RJ45 Cable connection or cable damaged

If your internet working on a copper Cat6 cable and RJ45 connector plug to the WAN port of your Asus router or modem then it might be possible that either Connector is not properly plugged or the cable lose or damage.

Solutions– check your Asus router WAN port and unplug the cable and plug it in again properly. Also, make sure the cable is not damaged and the ISP switch side is also plugged properly that probably taken by the internet providers so you can contact them.

RJ45 Connector Damage or Rusted

 Internet WAN light goes red means WAN Port not detecting the wan cable due to a bad connection or rj45 connector might damage or rust due to any issue.

Solutions- Just create a new RJ45 connector on both sides of the cable that connected to the router’s WAN port side as well as the ISP server side and confirm if it’s working and the WAN port showing again Green led light.

Wrong Internet WAN Configurations

If you setup the Asus router the first time and configure the WAN internet settings but the Asus router Red light on the WAN port that seems there is a configuration problem or the settings detail you have configured is incorrect.

Solutions- Contact your ISP and ask him for internet type and settings details. If the internet supports PPPoE mode then you need a username and password along with the service name and if static IP then ask for static IP address and gateway details and configure it.

ISP Service Outage

You have checked the Cable, and connector connection and all goes well from the ISP switch side then you have to confirm whether there is any network upgrade or service outage in your location.

You can also confirm with your neighbors or friends who using the same internet service to confirm if it’s not working for all.

 Outdate or Buggy firmware

If your modem or router is old and it’s not enabled auto firmware update it might run an older firmware version and there is some bugs that make it internet down and Asus wifi router red light flash on the WAN port or globe.

Solutions- upgrade Asus router firmware online or offline methods to fix bugs and restore your internet connection. You can download the firmware file as the supported Asus router model number from Asus’ official support site and upload it to the Asus router from the web browser.

Factory Reset Modem

Before going to replace Asus router with a new router to fix the red light error in the network, it’s recommended to fully factory reset your Asus modem or router and setup it up again.

To make the Asus router reset just use the reset button available back side or beside Ethernet ports and setup it up again. Press the reset button for 10 seconds while the router turns on and wait until the process is completed.

After configuration, if you still facing a red light-led problem then you should go for the next steps.

Damage Modem/Router

Internet suddenly down and flashes a red light on the WAN port most probably if the connection, cable, and all troubleshooting do not fix it then you need a new router.

Just buy a new Asus router and setup it up for your internet connection and the problem should be fixed as soon as you installed a new modem.

Final Word

Hopefully, this article will help you get rid of the Asus router’s red WAN light indicating that there is no internet connection and your internet connection restore successfully. If you not well the skills to perform all the above steps then you can also get help from your ISP support team or direct Asu’s official website. there are many people got common problem you most probably fixed it and you can get the reason to fix it that work for them.

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