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Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews And Setup Using WPS button

Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews And Setup

Novitec WiFI booster Reviews from different users can get from different e-commerce websites that are selling Novitec boosters. Novitec wifi booster Dual omnidirectional external antenna gives you a long-range signal strength without laying a wired LAN cable. Novitec Wifi repeater gives you a WPS easy method to setup a booster with any brand access point or WiFi router within a few seconds. Novitec Repeater device having  1 LAN port and double power full external antenna. Before buying a Novitec WiFi booster device to make sure compatibility with your existing WiFi router just get the Novitec WiFi booster reviews from different tech blogs and websites. Although Novitec claims this booster is 100% compatible with any brand device, still you can get reviews of Novitec’s existing users to confirm buying rights products.

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Novitec WiFi booster can setup using the WPS push button method as well as the login method. You can log in Novitec WiFi Range extender device using a mobile or laptop device from the web interface. Novitec Signal booster default login IP address, username, and password for default mode printed to router sticker. Novitec WifI booster setup from WPS button is a faster and easy method if your host WiFI router supports the WPS button and it should be enabled from settings.  You can try setup the Novitec Signal booster using the WPS button first and if not work then can go with the second method configured from web interface.

Setup Novitec WiFI booster using WPS button

Novitec Booster WPS button is available in front near Novitec Logo so it’s easy to set up using the WPS button. The WPS button setup method will work only if the host router supports the WPS method and it should be configured in settings as well. Follow steps to setup Novitec WiFi range extender.

  • Unbox the Novitec Repeater device and plug it into a power socket near your host WiFi router.
  • Now Go to your host WiFi router and press the WPS button for 2 seconds.
  • Within 2 minutes go to the Novitec Signal booster device and press the WPS button.
  • Monitor Novitec Extender LED lights will start glowing solid green after successful full connection with the host router.
  • Check-in mobile wifi you will show one more WiFi extender WIFI name. use the same Wifi password as the existing wifi network to connect with the extender network.
  • After configuration of the Signal booster device now find an optimal location to install the Repeater device so it can cover no coverage area properly without dropping internet speed.
  • Place the Repeater device in a centralized location from the Host router fully feasible and the booster device can get at least 50% to 60% signal strength to properly increase signal range.

If your Novitec WiFI booster not connecting with the WPS button then follow the second method to set up Novitec from the web interface.

Setup Novitec Signal booster from the Web interface

To use the login method you are required to connect with a Novitec Wireless repeater either wireless or Wired LAN cable from Ethernet ports. You can connect Novitec Default SSID and security key printed to the sticker for first-time configuration using Wireless. Wireless N Repeater Setup

  • Connect the WiFi range booster device to the power adapter near your main internet router.
  • Go to the mobile or laptop wifi option and connect Novitec SSID for wireless connections.
  • Open the web browser and access Novitec WifI booster default IP address to URL bar.
  • You will get the Booster login page asking for a username/password use “admin” for the default username and password.
  • After successful login, you will get the option to scan your wifi signals.
  • Select your WIFI SSID from the list as the existing wifi Network name.
  • Please enter the password of the Host router” provide the WiFI password of your main WiFI network to connect from the Novitec booster.
  • “set your extender SSID and password” create a new WiFi name for the extender network also can use different WIFI passwords for Extender networks.
  • “check again and confirm” check all information and press connect to button to start the connection with the host router.
  • Wait about 1 minute until the booster device is successfully connected to the host router.
  • After configuration unplugs it and places it in a centralized location where you are facing a signal problem.

This is a simple method to setup a Novitec WiFi booster with login and without login. Apart from Novitec specifications and reviews you can visit the official website before ordering it and get reviews of Novitec Booster’s existing users.

Novitec WiFi Booster Review

Novitec WifI booster is used to boost WiFI signal range and internet speed in dark spot areas where the host wifi router signal does not reach. Novitec provides you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the performance. 2 External Omni direction antenna gives you long-range extender signal quality and 1 LAN port can use as a wired LAN cable to connect your Desktop or NVR, a network printer device to use the internet. The small inbuilt power plugin option makes it fit in any power socket without needing any mounting installations. The WPS button gives you an easy setup and the reset button helps to restore settings in case forget your login password or are locked out.

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