Orbi Satellite Flashing White Color – [SOLVED]

Orbi Satellite Flashing White – How to Fix Within Few Steps?

Orbi Satellite Flashing White is probably a small problem when it’s just fixed with a few DIY steps without replacing your Orbi modem. Orbi Satellite is a mesh whole home wifi system to turn your home into a wifi zone without laying physical cable from the main internet router. If your Orbi blinking white or Flashing a white light and the internet stops working with the unit of Orbi flashing white light then it needs to troubleshoot to fix the white lite blinking on the Orbi Satellite device.

Orbi Satellite mesh router flashes a white lite and the internet stop working might problem with your internet cable that is connected to the main Orbi unit or the Orbi unit is stuck or overheating due to buggy firmware, or firmware outdated and need to upgrade with the latest firmware version.

Before proceeding to fix Orbi satellite blinking white issue you must understand Orbi LED color meaning to fix the issue if any LED lite flashing or solid. Every Led color has a specific identification to identify the status of Orbi mesh whole home WIFI systems.

Possible Reason for White Light Blinking on Orbi Satellite

Flashing or Solid white light both show a different status of the Orbi system so if the white light blinking continues then your Orbi needs attention and you can try to fix it with a few troubleshooting steps that will solve the White light blinking issue without replacing or contacting Netgear Support center.

  • Orbi Unit does not Sync properly with Main Unit.
  • Internet cable Lose or Not working.
  • Orbi Unit Need to Restart or Reset to factory reset.
  • Orbi Firmware any bugs that need upgrade latest firmware

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How to Fix Orbi Flashing White Light continually?

There are a few steps that can easily stop the white light blinking on Orb satellite and your internet connection restore. Troubleshooting steps must be executed step by step to avoid any issues that skip solutions.

Just unplug all cables and restart your router using a direct power source or from the power button make it turn off for Orbi Satellite as well as other modems or routers you are using for the internet and leave it for a few minutes and power on again.

See if the White light is solid then check internet working or not if still White light blinking then follow the next steps.

Power Cycle Orbi Satellite and Router

The first step is just to power cycle of Orbi Satellite and sees if it fixes the light blinking issue. To make a power cycle you can restart your Orbi Satellite and internet router directly using a DC power adapter or can use the Turn off from power button.

Sync Orbi Unit Again

If your Few Orbi unit working fine but some units facing White light blinking error then the problem might be syncing with the main Orbi unit that is connected to the internet.

Follow the steps to resync the Orbi device to Orbi Satellite main unit to fix the light blinking.

  • Power ON your Orbi Satellite unit and internet router or modem.
  • Find a sync button on Orbi Satellite beside Ethernet ports.
  • Press the Sync button and around after 2minuts press the Sync button again and wait.
  • Blinking the Led light will indicate whether the sync is successful or not.
  • If the blue light blinks it means Sync did successfully and your white light blinking issue must disappear after.
orbi wifi 6 flashing white light
Image Source- https://kb.netgear.com/

If resyncing does not solve your Orbi pulsing white problem, then you must go through the next steps to solve your problem.

Upgrade Orbi Satellite firmware

Sometimes old outdated firmware and buggy firmware start creating problems in the network and that effect each device connected to the same network. The simple way to fix a buggy firmware router is just to update it with the latest firmware version.

Probably when router settings enable with auto-update options it periodically syncs with the server and checks if any new firmware release is available.

If your Orbi device is not able to auto-update then you can just download the firmware file from Netgear’s official website with a compatible Orbi model number.

Connect the Orbi Satellite device to your PC/Laptop using a Wired LAN cable and log in to settings as printed on a sticker or if the login password you already changed use the same password.

Go to Manual Update > Advanced > Administration > Firmware Update.

Browse the firmware file that you downloaded from the Netgear website and upload it and wait until the upgrade process is finished.

Do not disturb the Lan cable and power cable until the upgrade process is completed to avoid bricking your Orbi device.

Factory Reset Orbi Satelite and Setup again

Setting up the Orbi satellite device using the reset button is a few minutes of the process that restores the configuration to factory mode and it needs setup again. Follow the steps to factory reset the Orbi Satellite device.

  • Power On your Orbi Satellite unit using its DC adapter.
  • Locate a small reset hole beside the DC socket.
  • Use a paper clip or needle to press the reset button.
  • Press and hold the reset button using the clip until the Led light blinks Amber.
  • After the release button, the Orbi router will restart and after a few minutes, it restore to default settings.
  • Set up the Orbi device again using Orbi Android or IOS Apps.

How do I reset my Orbi WiFi System to factory default settings?

If making reset Orbi device still does not fix the White light problem with your Orbi router then you should contact the Netgear supported center to replace or fix the problem with your network.

Contact Netgear Support

If doing all the above exercises not works for your Orbi device error then you should contact the Netgear support center or replace your Orbi until if it’s still covered under warranty.

Netgear representatives will help you or guide you on how to process a replacement or if they have on-site support for the Orbi Satellite unit at your location that you can also get.


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