Why My ATT broadband blinking red ?

How to Fix Att Modem Blinking Red?

ATT modem Blinking red is probably you facing a such kind error on your ATT modem or router that is why you reached to this post and it’s the obsoletely correct place to get a solution if ATT modem flashing red light. To Fix Att broadband blinking red, first need to understand the meaning of each light color and blinking ways. IF your AT&T gateway blinking Red led light that not worry in the quick phase until it go long last and remain the same red light blinking continuously.

ATT Power LED flashing red means power ON or self-test in progress so not to worry about it but if ATT DSL light blinking Red that means No DSL signal detected that can be many different reasons. There are simple steps to fix att broadband blinking red or blinking orange light only if you understand the meaning of each color. To find the answer to why my att modem blinking red read the full led status of the ATT modem or router as given below.

What Does Mean ATT Different color Led Status

Each LED light on the ATT router or DSL, Cable Modem comes with different colors and blinking statuses that show about router and internet status if everything is normal or if something goes wrong. LED light colors may be different for each AT&T modem depending on whether your modem is a simple cable modem or a Modem with Wireless or a VDLS or DSL modem so the color and number of LEDs might vary.

LED Light with Color Meaning
Power LED OFF Modem/Router Not getting  Power or Power Off
Power Light solid Green Modem Power ON
Power Light flashing Red Power on or self-test in processing
Power Led Solid red Modem malfunction of Power ON
Ethernet OFF No cable connected or modem off
Ethernet Solid Green Device connected to modem using Ethernet
LAN port Flashing Green Data transferred between modem and Device
Ethernet Flashing Green Simultaneously with DSL Status Light Hardware failure needs to replace modem or call support
ATT DSL Light Off The modem of or DSL cable not connected
DSL Light Flashing green Attempting to sync with DSL
Solid Green Modem connected to DSL and working
Att DSL Flashing Red No DSL Signal detected
DSL Flashing Red and Green The modem failed to sync three times
Solid Red or Flashing Red Simultaneously with Ethernet Status Light Hardware Failure, Replace modem or contact Support
Internet LED Off Modem power off or not connected to the Internet
AT&T Internet LED Solid green Modem is connected to the internet and working fine
Internet Light Flashing green Modem attempting to connect to the internet
Internet LED solid Red The modem failed to connect internet
Modem Activity Light Off No traffic or modem Off
Activity Flashing green Inbound traffic going on

After understanding the list of all LED states and colors, you can easily find issues with the modem and what is the reason behind them.

How to Fix At&T Modem Flashing Red Light

AT&T Broadband Blinking Red: How To Fix

Fixing the Red light flashing on the ATT modem or router need to cross-check a few steps that might start flashing red light and show the status of the modem. Follow a few DIY steps to fix the broadband light blinking red with simple troubleshooting.

Check Cable connection is properly tight

The first thing to check is whether the physical cable is connected or not if you notice the Red light flashing longer than the usual time. The red light blinking can be due to the internet or DSL cable loose or properly not connected to the Modem DSL port or Wall side ports. You can change the DSL cable or properly tight it from both side connectors and check again for the red light error.

Restart ATT Modem power cycle

If you just power ON the modem and your broadband light flashes red then you have to wait a while because it’s a self-test processing going on that last long few minutes and it is gone when the modem is connected to the internet. But If Red light flashing keeps going on means there is some error with the modem or cable so you can simply restart the modem or directly power off the modem from the power socket and turn it on after a few minutes. If Att broadband blinks red due to overheating or lag issue then after rebooting the modem it should fix and your internet get connected. If your at&t modem blinking red still after the power cycle then you need to follow the next steps.

Upgrade ATT firmware to the Latest version

Using buggy firmware longer time seems a reason for the modem to start flashing red lights or getting failed to sync with DSL. Making firmware update will fix the issue as well as provide an additional feature that comes from time to time. Log in to your AT&T modem from the web interface and upgrade firmware to the latest version.

  • Connect Modem using Wired or wireless.
  • Login with AT&T modem IP address.
  • Go to the Maintained or System tab depending on the modem model number.
  • software updates, select AT&T Software UpdateCheck for Updates.
  • Firmware upgrade and press the update button to check the latest firmware release
  • If you got a new firmware version press the update button to upgrade the older firmware and wait for a few minutes until it’s done.

After the firmware upgrade, you can verify from About Your Device to view the device’s Hardware and Software/Firmware Versions. Most probably att broadband light red flashing should fix after upgrading to the latest firmware.


Factory reset Modem

You can factory reset modem either from the reset button or from the settings menu to restore the configuration to default mode. Sometimes making reset modem fi many bugs that come modem long time running continuously and need to clear once. use the reset button and press and hold for 10 seconds in modem power-on mode.

Contact AT&T Customer support

If non of the above steps help you to fix ATT Red light blinking then you need to replace the ATT gateway device from the ATT support center. Find the ATT contact support number printed on the modem sticker as well as the official website and raise your modem issue att broadband light red for a physical Engineer visit with replacing of modem along with to fix the Att broadband blinking red.


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