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Best MoCA Adapters For Your Home

Best MoCA Adapters for Home in 2024

MoCA’s full form is Multimedia over Coax Alliance. Delivering internet over wired is always relatable and super fast compared to wireless. Wire networking is another big challenge to laying wire from one room to another room required a lot of drilling work and making cable hidden that also should not look bad. Moca is one of the best ways to utilize your coaxial cable for TV as well as the internet without laying a new Cat6 internet cable. Moca network adapter turns your TV cable into multimedia ways to provide internet over coaxial up to 1Gbps and more. Coaxial cabling is available in most of homes for TV as well as internet using Cable modem so Moca adapters can give you high-speed internet as well as TV connection at the same time without laying separate cables for each. Before buying Moca adapters you must know what is Moca adapter and How to use Moca with Coaxial cable in the Home.

What is a Moca Adapter?

Moca Adapter a technology to use coaxial cable for internet as well as TV connection at the same time without laying a separate cable. In simple words “MoCA 2.0 Network Adapter turns your existing coaxial cables into a high-speed Ethernet network to make your existing wifi network better by utilizing existing coax cabling. Moca Adapter comes with a pair for both ends to keep the connection with the TV as well as input internet cable and take the output TV connection and internet at another end you wish to deliver the connection.

Moca Adapter Connection Diagram

A connection diagram is a simple way to understand how the Moca device works with coaxial cable and why it’s the best way to utilize existing coax cabling for high-speed internet connection.

Moca Adapter (Actiontec ECB6200) Physical Port details.

  • DC Power Socket
  • Ethernet
  • Coax In
  • TV/STB out
  • Reset button

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Moca Adapter Unit one Connection

  • First Moca Unit Coax In port will connect to  TV Cable / Antenna Cable for input TV signal.
  • Connect the Internet cable coming from the Internet router to the Ethernet port of the Moca Adapter.
  • Power ON Moca device DC adapter comes with the unit.
  • Connect Coaxial cable to Moca unit first TV/STB port for out.

Moca Adapter Unit 2 connection

  • Power ON Moca adapter 2 with DC adapter comes with the box.
  • The Coax cable coming from the Moca unit 1 TV/STB port will plug to the Coax in the port of the Unit 2 Moca adapter.
  • TV/STB port from Moca unit 2 will connect to TV set-up box or TV(depending on your Cable TV type)
  • Plug LAN cable to the Moca unit 2 Ethernet port and connect the WiFi Access point, Computer, Laptop or network switch you want to connect internet.

best moca adapter network connection

This is a simple Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax Adapter Connection to understand how moca adapter does work. Hope this network connection map will make it easy to understand Moca adapter use. Now the next is Best Moca adapter in 2020 with complete reviews to re-use existing coax cable for internet connection and WiFi.

 List of Best Moca Adapter in 2020

While buying a new Moca device for a home there are a lot of things to consider to pick the best MoCA adapter to keep in mind cost-effectiveness as well as the best in features and speed. List of best Moca adapters to use Coax cable network for DVR and streaming Video.

  • TiVo Bridge MoCa 2.0 Adapter
  • Motorola MoCA Adapter, 1,000 Mbps Bonded 2.0
  • Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax Adapter
  • ZyXEL MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax Single Adapter
  • goCoax MoCA Adapter, Ethernet Over Coax
  • Actiontec WCB3000

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1: TiVo Bridge MoCa 2.0 Adapter

Tivo Bridge Moca 2.0 Adapter manufactured by Tivo company and fully compatible with all Tivo products.  If you are using a TV streaming device, Tivo Edge cable Tivo then Tivo Moca 2.0 Adapter best for you as there is no compatibility issue. Although TiVo Bridge Plus, the Moca 2.0 Adapter is compatible with all leading brands and you can check compatibility before buying it to ensure it will support your MOCA network. Tivo Moca adapter 2.0 supports Seamlessly connecting all your TiVo devices over your home’s coax or Ethernet network with TiVo Bridge Plus, combined speeds up to 1 Gbps bi-directional. The best thing is Tivo Moca 2.0 is Backward-compatible with MoCA 1.1 and Works with TiVo Edge Series, TiVo Bolt Series, and TiVo Mini Vox.

moca network

TiVo Bridge MoCa 2.0 Adapter  
Model ECB6200TIVO
Coax Port 2 (Coax in , Coax Out TV/STB)
Ethernet 1 Port
Power DC Socket
Reset button Restore and reboot


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2: Motorola MoCA Adapter, 1,000 Mbps Bonded 2.0

Motorola well-known name on the internet and electronics word wide. Yet another best and trusted Moca network adapter is MOTOROLA MoCA Adapter for Ethernet Over Coax with 2.0 support up to 1000 Mbps speed. Motorola Moca adapter is compatible with most FIOS Routers and modems. M1000 Bonded 2.0 MoCA is very fast, up to 1,000 Mbps, and works with all types of MoCA including MoCA 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, and Moca 2.5. MoCA shares the coax cable and does not interfere with your TV or Internet service. If you want to connect multiple devices then you need MoCA Adapter for each device you want to connect to the router using MoCA. You can connect up to 16 devices back to your router.

moca adapter fios

Motorola MM1000 MoCA® Bonded 2.0  
Model MM1000
Coax Port 2 (Device, Network)
Ethernet 1 Port
Power DC Socket
Reset button Restore and reboot
Power button On/Off

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3: Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax Adapter

You might be using the Actiontec Cable modem for internet using coax cable so you already know Actiontec product reliability. Actiontec bonded 2.0 Moca adapters best choice to convert coax cable into a multi-media network cable for Live streaming as well as high-speed internet. Actiontec Moca 2.5 and 2.0 are available with up to 1Gbps speed supported. It is a plug-and-play device that does not require any configuration to use with a router and cable tv.

Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0  
Model ECB6200
Coax Port 2 (Device, Network)
Ethernet 1 Port
Power External, 5V DC, 2A DC Socket
Reset button Factory reset moca device
LED Indicators Power, Coax

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4: ZyXEL MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax Single Adapter

Another top MoCA adapter in 2020 is Zyxel Moca 2.0 Ethernet speed up to 1.4 Gbps support. Gigabit ethernet gives you a true internet speed experience that makes your video streaming smooth and super-fast internet cable just utilizing your existing cox cable. Zyxel MoCA adapter a plug-and-play unit that does not require software and configuration to use. Zyxel Moca adapter works with any brand Moca network so no worry about compatibility issues because it’s Moca technology.


ZyXEL MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax Single Adapter  
HLA4205 HLA4205
Coax Port 2 (RF In , RF out)
Ethernet 1 Port
Power External, 5V DC, 1A DC Socket
Power/Reset button On-off/ Restore
LED Indicators Power, Coax

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5: goCoax MoCA Adapter, Ethernet Over Coax

Another moca runner-up is coaxed MoCA Adapter 2.5 support 2.5 Gbps speed work with any MoCA adapter to combine internet and TV with exiting coax wiring. go coax Moca gives your speed to streaming 4K/8K videos at the same time, while still playing an online game and transferring HD pictures from a computer or smartphone device. While talking about speed than wired is always the first preference to get the speed with no compromising latency. It supports a Maximum of 16 nodes on the in-home network sharing 2.5Gbps speed with all nodes.
coaxial to ethernet adapter

goCoax MoCA Adapter  2.5  2.5Gbps  
Model WF-803M
Coax Port 2 (RF-In, RF out)
Ethernet 1 Port
Power 1x 12V/0.5A 100-240V power adapter
Reset button Reset MoCA adapter
LED Indicators Power, Coax

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Final Words

Using a buying guide and going through product reviews make always the right decisions to pick the best MoCA adapters for your home network. You may get a lot of brands claiming the best and cheap MoCA adapters for coax networks but always compare the product specification as well as reviews from the users already using already. Hope the above MoCA adapters list will help you to pick the right MoCA adapter as per your network and requirement.


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