Optimum Return Equipment – Ultimate Return Guide

How to  Return Equipment Optimum Step by Step

Optimum Return equipment required after upgraded service or surrender internet or any service you are subscribed from optimum to avoid charges on your final bill. Whenever you subscribe to any internet or TV service from Optimum there is a few types of equipment used at the client end such as Cable modem, Splitter, Voice phone, Antenna, adapter, and any other that need for the service you’re subscribed to.

Optimum gives you 30 days time period to return Optimum equipment to their office using a different way of returning Optimum equipment at your convenience. There are many different ways to return Optimum equipment either returning Optimum equipment in person or dropping any drop-off location or using FedEx service.

If you have stopped Optimum internet or TV services or you upgraded your internet plan or cable modem or you may shift to a different location where Optimum service is not available, in this all conditions you have to return Optimum devices to the Optimum office to avoid any fee for device lying at your end that not usable for you. Read the complete article to understand why and how you should return back Optimum Equipment without struggling a lot and taking much pain.

Question and Answer on Optimum Return Process

Whenever you stop using any services provided by Optimum and you got lot of questions on your mind and you just need to get answers to avoid any fines or charges after not using the service.

Why Need to Return Optimum Equipment?

Optimum installed equipment when you subscribe to any service from the company but it’s not sold to the end user so its only used in your network until you have active optimum service and that gets used in the same service. If you have stopped using optimum service due to any reason and equipment laying at your end then you have to return it to the company within certain time periods.

How much time we get to return the Equipment after disconnecting the service?

The maximum time duration to send back all devices and cables to Optimum is 30 days. Within 30 days you can return your equipment that not using on the internet or any other service that you subscribed to from Optimum.

What is the charges for non-return Equipment?

You will get charged for devices that do not return within of time given by Optimum and charges for each product can be different that depends on your Equipment type.

Exp:  for Router and cable modem charges might be up to $100 -$200 that depends on the router or modem model and price, for antenna it can be up to $25-$30, and DVR, the cable card, and tuning adapter approx $400-$500.

Where can I return the optimum equipment?

There are many ways to send back Equipment to Optimum using drop-off locations, using FedEx service, or sending with a third-party courier service. Find the below optimum return equipment locations where you can return your Equipment.

  • FedEx Office
  • Authorized FedEx Location
  • Walgreens

Can Optimum Pick it Up From Your Location?

It was a great idea and a hassle-free process of returning equipment if optimum provide this pickup facility to end users. Unfortunately, right now there is no pickup option available for anyone unless you are not physically disabled.

Simple Steps to Return Optimum Equipment

There are four simple steps to send back your optimum devices after you stop service and within 30 days time periods. Follow steps by steps guide to return the optimum modem, router, and other devices.

Step-1 Prepare your Returnable Equipment

The first step of returning equipment is getting ready all equipment that is returnable and wants to send back.

Disconnected your modem, router, telephone, DVR, adapter including remote and power cords or any other that is used in Optimum service and you want to return to avoid any charges on the final bill.

Pack all devices into a box and write your name and address on the box and paste to the box.

Step 2- Start your Return fill up the form for shipment

You are required to fill up a return form on the Optimum website.

Click here to fill up the form and provide all the information asked to complete your return.

After fill up the form press the continue button and on the confirmation page you will get the button “Get Label”

Press the get label button and print it.

Step-3 Paste Lable to Each box

Once you print your return label just attach the label to each box that you packed returnable equipment and want to send back to Optimum.
Where to return optimum equipment

Step 4- Drop off the box to authorize location

Now take the box with you and drop off it at the FedEx store, Walgreens or any FedEx-authorized location.

After the handover, over your returnable items to the store do not forget to get a return receipt to ensure you have finished the process within the time period given by Optimum.


Final Word

This is a simple and hassle-free process to returning your Optimum devices if you relocated where no optimum service available or you might not happy with the service optimum or if you buy your own modem or router and want to install it in all the cases you have to send back all equipment to the optimum office to avoid any over charges on your bill for the non-returned devices.


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