rock space wifi extender keeps disconnecting

Rockspace Wifi Extender Keeps Disconnecting [SOLVED]

How to Fix Rockspace Wifi Extender Keeps Disconnecting

Rockspace Wifi Extender Keeps Disconnecting from host router or dropping internet connection frequent subject to troubleshooting the issue. In an earlier article, we already published how to setup a Rackspace WIFI extender with any brand WIFI router to follow a proper configuration step that avoids most repeater issues come due to improper configuration. If you facing a problem with Wifi extender or Rackspace extender not working or you may get connected but with no internet problem then you have to follow a troubleshooting guide as given in this article to fix the Rackspace extender keeps disconnecting from the internet.

If previously your rock space extender device working properly but after a certain period you facing disconnecting issue or you may get unstable connectivity as well as the extender device being unable to connect. The simple way to fix the rock space extender disconnecting problem is to factory reset the extender and setup it up from starting. Although you can follow the below steps to fix the problem facing with Rock space Repeater device that losing internet connection of frequent disconnection from mobile or host router.

Why Does My Wifi Extender Keep Disconnecting?

If you also looking answer to “why does my wifi extender keep disconnecting” then there are many reasons behind the range extender not working properly or may not performing in satisfactory condition. If you have any brand Range extender or Rock space Wifi repeater getting problem with disconnection and unable to get extended network then follow steps as given below.

Check Range Extender Placement and Feasibility with Host Router

Wi-Fi Range extender placement most important part of performing a range extender and also fix Rockspace Wifi Extender Keeps Disconnecting issue due to low signal range. Range extender connected to WiFi router using Wi-Fi signal so feasibility with host router should be proper that depend on location and placement of Range extender device.

If you facing slow internet speed with Rackspace range extender with repeater network then you have to check the signal strength between the host router and range extender device.  If the range extender getting a low or poor signal from the Main internet router then you may face slow internet issues or disconnect frequently due to weak backbone signals.

Follow guidelines to avoid range extender disconnection problems.

  • Avoid using a covered location like a cupboard, under the table, inside the box or any location that is not properly feasible from the host router will occur slow speed or disconnection issues.
  • Range extender WIFI antenna should be tower upside and both should be in the same direction instead of one down and one up.
  • Placement of range extender matters for the best performance of the repeater device to increase and decrease signal coverage depending on how is the placement. Find a centralized location where the range extender can receive at least 50% signal strength from the host wifi router and a be extend the network to 100% on no coverage or dark spot areas.

rockspace extender not working

Check Range Extender Configuration

Rock space wifi extender keeps disconnecting might problem with wrong Wifi password or not connected with host router so when wifi user will not get IP address from main host router it will connect and disconnected again and again. You need to login into the range extender device and confirm the wifi security key is configured the same as configured for the main internet WiFi router.

  • Connect Rackspace range extender to Lan port from a computer/Laptop.
  • Use a static manual IP address of the same series of Rackspace range extenders in your PC/Laptop LAN. EXP: Rackspace login IP is so use on PC LAN.
  • Open a web browser and access and login with Rackspace default username and password or use the same password if you changed the admin password already.
  • Go to Wireless settings or start the setup wizard and connect again with a working WifI password.
  • After a complete configuration check, again extender disconnection issue should be solved.

If you forget rockspace range extender password and are unable to login settings to check configuration then you can reset the rock space wifi extender to factory default using the reset button and setup again with the WPS method or login method.

Factory Reset Rock space Range extender and setup again

Reset rockspace wifi extender device is simple and a quick process using the reset button available on the extender device. Follow steps to factory restore rock space Wireless repeater device if not working internet or connected but no internet problem comes.

  • Power On the rock space range extender to the power socket and wait a few seconds until its boots up properly.
  • For the reset, button keyhole Use a paper clip or needle or directly press the reset button if the button is available.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and release when all signal and power LED lights suddenly turn off and turn on again.
  • The repeater device will be automatically restarted while the reset process is executed and take a few minutes to restore the configuration to default mode.

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Replace Range Extender Device

If you have checked all troubleshooting steps as given above and still rock space repeater keeps disconnection seems extender device damaged or out of order that needs to be replaced or repaired from service center. If your range extender device is under warranty you can simply visit the rock space service center to replace or repair your range extender device as per the warranty policy provided by your manufacturer.

However, you can buy a new extender device and setup with your existing wifi router to boost Wifi signal in a dark spot. Although if you have a spare WIFI router with the latest 11n technology you can simply turn your old router into a range extender for time being until your rock space wifi repeater, get repaired.


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