WPS Button On Arris Router | How to Use?

Where is WPS Button On Arris Router And Its Use

Arris router and Cable modem most used cable modems and internet routers used for delivering internet and client end using Cox cable or Cat6 LAN connections. You must get a WPS button on every router and modem device and probably never use it and search what is the use of the WPS button on arris router.

The WPS button in full form is Wi-Fi Protected Setup and its a really useful button if you know how to use the WPS button on an nvg468mq router or any other brand router such as Frontier, or Spectrum. WPS button on Arris router used to connect your range extender without login and providing arris wifi password.

If you not find the WPS button on your modem and router from Arris or any other brand and just wondering why no WPS button is available on your router then you should read this article to the end. Where is the WPS button on Arris router, the WPS button not working on the Arris router, or What is the use of the WPS button all answers you can get with the purpose of the WPS button and its use are below?

What is use of the WPS button?

WPS button is a smart way to connect your Wi-Fi device without entering the password using just the WPS push button or using the WPS pin that is configured on the modem WPS options. Probably Arris modem WPS button and Arris Router WPS button both are used the same but in some routers WPS button and Reset button are common so you must be confused about whether it is a WPS button or a Reset button.

Although the button push time duration decided router WPS feature will work or the router will reset. If your Arris modem has the Reset and WPS button the same then question how to use the WPS button if the reset button and WPS button same. Follow the next steps to understand how to use WPS and reset the button with the single button if there is no separate button for the WPS option.

How to use WPS if the WPS and reset buttons are the same?

Are WPS and reset buttons the same and how to use the WPS button? The timing of pressing the button decides whether it will execute the WPS option or the router will Reset.

Pressing the WPS button for 2 seconds will enable the WPS option but if pressing long 10-15seconds the same button will act as a reset button and the router will reset to factory settings. Before using the reset button as the WPS button make sure you try to find the Arris nvg468mq WPS button location beside the modem as well as the bottom side. In some modems, the WPS button might be in different locations.

arris surfboard sbg10 wps button location

Where is the WPS button on my Arris router?

If you are unable to locate the Arris surfboard WPS button or any other Arris modem or router model number and want to know how to use the WPS option if there is not button available.

In some Router model numbers Reset button and WPS button are the same. You can check if WPS/Reset printed to your Arris modem with the same push button to ensure the reset button and WPS button work for both so you will not find any WPS button on the router that you might look for.

There are some Arris router models such as Arris SBG8300, arris SBG10, and Arris sbg8300 WPS button is physically not available but it’s by default enabled from settings and a software-based WPS button can be used from the Web manager after login to Arris modem settings.

Why WPS button Not working on Arris Modem?

If you have an Arris sbg8300 WPS button or an Arris surfboard WPS button from a different Model number but the WPS button not working and is unable to connect WiFi client using the WPS push button.

Most modems and routers have WPS buttons by default enabled and there is a WPS pin configured printed to the Modem sticker so if the push button not working you can use the WPS pin to connect Wifi devices.

Login to Arris modem and go to Wireless settings. Make sure the WPS option is Enabled from settings and if you want to change the WPS pin as per your choice you can set a different WPS pin than the default pin configured.

To connect the WPS push button you need to press the software-based WPS button in the SBG8300 Web Manager. There is no physical WPS button available on SBG8300 Modem so you can perform it by using the software base WPS button after login into the web interface.

Login to Arris SBG8300 with default IP from the browser.

Access Connection- WIFI-WPS option to use the WPS button

Under WPS- Add wireless client to use the WPS button or WPS pin to add wireless clients.

arris sbg8300 wps button

Final Words

Most probably WPS button either physical or software-based available on every Arris surfboard router and cable modem to add wireless clients without using a regular way to connect from a Wifi password. arris router no WPS button means there is a software-based WPS button available on the web manager and you need to login router from settings. You can use the WPS button either by pushing the physical button, using WPS pin that is by default configured and printed to the sticker as well as adding a wireless client from the WPS option under wifi settings.


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