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Every network device such as a WIFI router, Range extender, Network switch, Modems, Router all is configured with a predefined LAN IP address. Default gateway IP address used by Buffalo Repeater and routers and many others. Any brand router with default login IP address login user guide is the same only login username and password can be different. Although every brand router login credential printed to router/modem stickers and quick user guide come with a new device.

If you have a modem or router with login IP address 192.16811.1 then follow this user manual to access your router settings. You need to connect the modem/router either using wired or wireless connectivity to log in to the router web interface. You need login credentials to login router web GUI that is usually printed on the router label or found below.

Default settings for

To find the router login IP address username, and password details just check the router label printed to the bottom side with all hardware, software, and version details with MAC address, Login URL, username, and password.

List of Default login Usernames and passwords work for 192.168.11 1 IP address with different brands.

Username Password
admin admin
admin password
admin 1234
admin NA (No password)
root admin123
root NA
NA admin

Once login credential are ready to login the router the next steps is connection and accessing settings.

Steps to log in router with

Now proceed to a physical connection or Wi-Fi connection to access DSL Modem, Wireless router, or extender settings.

  • Turn on the router/Modem/ Repeater device to the DC adapter that comes with the box.
  • Connect the Wired LAN cable from the router LAN port for physical connection or find the default SSID/ key printed to the sticker to connect using wifi.
  • Go to computer/Laptop LAN TCP/IPv4 settings and use DHCP mode or use static IP address to use the IP address option.

How to access WiFi Router settings using WiFi and Wired?

Access Web Interface

Now open a web browser such as Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, or Internet Explorer, and access Buffalo’s default login IP or to the URL bar and wait to load the login page asking for username and password. avoid using the wrong IP address such as http //192.168.o.11.1 wifi repeater, 192.168.o.1.11, or any other that redirects to the error page.

Note: In this user manual Buffalo Airtstation WXR-1900DHP is used so you can follow it as it is for Buffalo router login.

Use the username “admin” and password “password” for default Buffalo login settings. For different brands login refer to router sticker or above list.


Press the Login button and you will land on the status page where you can find router hardware, software, configuration other information.

Once you successfully log in to the router control panel you have the power to change wireless settings, content filtering, internet schedule, Port forwarding, and login password as well as make a router to factory reset.

However there are some important configurations that should be done during the first-time login.

Change WiFi SSID Name and Password

To change Buffalo’s default WiFi SSID and password find the wireless settings tab from top menu next to the WAN/LAN option.

Basic (11b/g/n)

SSID– Buffalo-G-7E94 (change this default wifi name to a new SSID as per your choice.)

Encryption key– set a stronger WIFI security key to secure your wifi internet.


Press the Apply button to save settings and if you use a WIFI connection to setup the router then you will be disconnected and need to connect again with a different WIFI SSID and password.

After updating wireless settings the next step is to protect router web interface access.

Change Login Password

Now change the login password for 192.168. 11.1 IP address to secure settings access from user connect the router using wired or wireless.

For Buffalo router login password change, follow the steps below and if a different router, find the password option under Systems, Administration options.

Go to the Admin tab from the top menu.

Password option.

Admin Name – admin (Fixed) You can’t change the login username and password in Buffalo Airstation.

Admin password– New password (provide a new password for login)

Confirm password (type the password again to confirm). Default Router IP Login

Press the Apply button and remember the login password for future login to your router, modem, and another device.

If you are facing any login issue or login IP not working for your router and you may get the wrong username and password error while trying to login then you should try router to factory default mode to restore into factory settings.

Factory Reset Router to Restore IP

If your router IP taking too long time to respond, or the default login IP address not working for you it seems the router’s default IP address has already been changed with a different IP address so you can use the reset button to restore settings.

Note: Making router reset to default will erase all configurations and the router needs to be set up again, so only use the reset router if you have all the internet settings or the configuration backup file to setup again.

Steps to Factory reset router

  • Locate a small reset button beside the router Ethernet ports.
  • Use the needle if the Button is inside or press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds.
  • Release the button when the power LED turns off and turns on again and the router rebooting starts.
  • This process can take 3-4 minutes and may vary on different brands so keep waiting until the process not done.
  • Once the reset process is done follow the above steps again to access router settings in default mode and start from fresh.

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