How to set up BT WIFI Extender

BT WiFi Extender Configuration First Time

BT WiFi Extender Setup to Boost Ranged

BT a wall-input wireless signal booster that works with any brand wireless access point and router to extend the range in the dark area. BT wireless signal booster is fully compatible with different brands of wireless Access points as well as routers. BT range extender available in signal band BT n300 and BT AC1200 dual-band wireless repeater to boost and increase signal speed. BT dual-band wireless extender 600 and other model setup methods are almost the same, so if you have any BT extender model you can follow this user guide to configure BT.

BT wi-fi range extender can be set up either using the WPS button method that does not require login web interface and second connect wireless or wired connection and setup using the web interface settings wizard. If your Wireless router does not support the WPS button or is disabled from settings then use with login method. Unbox the BT range extender and follow the steps to connect the extender device to your existing Wi-Fi router. If you have a BT Home hub installed in your home and want to extend your BT home hub range then follow the steps.

Setup BT Extender Using the WPS button

WPS method faster way to setup any wireless repeater device without logging into the extender settings page.

If your main wifi router WPS feature supported and the WPS Pin option is enabled then the recommended method is WPS while setting up the repeater the first time. The latest router support WPS includes BT Home Hub 3 BT Home Hub 4 or any other brand’s wireless router with the latest technology.


  • Plug the BT extender unit near your Home hub or wireless router connected to the internet.
  • Turn on the power button from the extender top.
  • Find the WPS button on the router and press the WPS button.
  • Press the WPS button on the BT range extender for 1 second. (Within 2 minutes of pressing the router WPS button  )
  • Range extender WPS led light will stop flashing and the extender device configured to your existing wifi network.
  • Move range extender Find to an optimum location to get the extended range to an area not getting signal and also getting good signal quality from an internet router.

Apart from the WPS method if no WPS button on the router then you have another way to setup a BT wifi range extender is using the web interface.

Setup BT signal booster using Web Login

You need to connect a wireless or wired connection with a BT extender to perform configuration using the web login method.  You need a default login IP address and password for the first-time setup BT booster device.

Find range extender device IP address and default WiFi SSID and password printed sticker backside on the repeater unit or Quick user guide included with the device.  Admin Login Password

  • Plugin BT repeater to a power socket near wifi router.
  • Connect default extender SSID “BTWifiExtndr-XXX” using the default password printed to a sticker. Or use a wired LAN cable to connect from the Extender Ethernet port.
  • Open a web browser and access BT Extender default Login IP and use the “admin” default password to log in the first time.

wifi extender bt

  • After login, you will get the setup wizard option to configure the extender device.
  • Press the Start button on the connection wizard option.

bt wifi extender 300

  • You will get all wifi running nearby select your router or BT home hub SSID from the list and provide the password for the existing wifi network SSID.
  • Next step you can change the default Extender SSID name with a different name or keep the default as auto-configured.
  • After a few seconds, your BT repeater device will connect to the existing wifi network and give you a new SSID name with the extended network name and increase signal range and speed.
  • Move your extender device to the best location where the repeater device can get Excellent or Very good signal strength from the existing router. You can check signaled notifications to find the best-performing location for your repeater device.


If you are trying to setup an old range extender and are not sure default login IP address or username password then make it factory reset first to start fresh.

How to Factory Reset BT Wireless Range Extender

Making the repeater unit reset will disconnect it from the existing wifi network and require to be set up again to boost signal range. Only use the factory reset button to restore settings in case your extender device is not connected to the router or getting a signal drop or disconnection issue.


  • Plugged the range extender device into the power socket and powered on the button from the top.
  • Locate the reset button at the device top and use a paper clip or needle to press it.
  • Press the Reset button for 1 second and wait to restore extender settings to factory mode.
  • After a few minutes, you will get the default SSID name showing in wifi.

bt wifi extender 300 setup

If you are connected to an extender SSID but the internet not working, make sure your wifi router is connected to the internet or your internet plan does not expire.  Connect the main router directly using wifi or wired to confirm the internet working on the host router.

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