TP-link Range Extender As Access Point Mode

How to use Range Extender as Access Point?

Wireless range extender device uses to boost Wifi signal in the dark area. WiFi repeater device extended an existing wifi network to no coverage area or low signal zone to repeat the same wifi network without changing the name. WiFi extender device work as AP and client at the same time to get internet from the host wifi router and broadcast with increased range. If you upgrade your access point with long-range WiFi router and range extender device not in use anymore. Every Range extender supports Access point and repeater mode so you can use any mode as per requirement. If you have spare tp-link re350 ac1200 wi-fi range extender, TP-link RE200, TP-link TL-WA860RE or any repeater mode you can follow this article to set up as AP mode.

This user manual will help you to setup tp link range extender device as access point mode to work as AP. You may always use the Access point device as repeater mode but a range extender device also can be used as access point mode.

Step to use TP-link Range extender as AP mode

The first step is to connect the repeater device using an Ethernet port from the PC or Laptop to login range extender device.

  • Connect Range extender Ethernet Port to LAN cable from PC/Laptop LAN port to configure as AP mode.
  • Power on range extender device and follow steps to log in.
  • Once your desktop or laptop LAN connected to the repeater Ethernet port now configure PC LAN IP address to the same series of extender default login IP.

You can find default login IP address and username password printed to device sticker and a quick user guide comes with box.

TP-link Range extender default IP – 192.168.O.254

Username: admin

Password: admin

Configure PC LAN network IP as static mode and use for manual IP.

Save LAN settings and follow steps to access the repeater settings page.

Login TP Link Range extender

Use any web browser such as Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Opera, and anyone.

Access and wait to load the login page.

User default login settings to authenticate and access the control panel of a repeater devices.

Note: If login IP address networking then tries factory reset extender device to restore default settings.

Change Operation Mode to Access Point

After successful login now changes the operation mode from range extender to Access points.

See the top option for Change Mode settings.

You will get options to change mode to AP mode as shown below image.

Select Access Point Mode and press OK button.

Confirm final pop-up confirmation and wait until device changing mode and rebooting.

tp-link ac1600 wi-fi range extender

Once mode changed now setup access point settings to customize settings as per your choice.

Change WiFi SSID network name

Go to Wireless option

Host Network: Enable

SSID: TP-Link_WIFI (change wifi name as per your choice)

Security : WPA/WPA2-Personal

Password: Set Password for Wifi.

Channel– 1

Mode: BGN mixed

tp-link ac1750 wi-fi range extender as access point

Save settings and check from mobile and laptop wifi new WiFi name showing.

If in-network already TP-link wifi access point using than must change default Login Ip address for range extender device before connecting to the internet. How to login 4G hotspot router?

Change LAN IP Address

Every router device configured with the same default IP address so highly recommend changing Login IP address before connecting to the network.

Go to settings option-  Network

LAN settings:

IP address:  ( change this IP Address to different series or different IP from the same series.)

Subnet Mask 255.255.255.o.0

Gateway: 192.168.o.l

tp-link ac2600 dual band wi-fi range extender LAN IP

Save settings and access router with a new Lan IP address.

After LAN configuration always change the default login password to protect your network from unauthorized access.

Change Login Password

Change the login password from system tools under settings.

Settings- System Tools- Change Login Password

Old Password: admin (defaults admin, if you already change use same as old password)

New Password: create a stronger alga numeric password combination.

Confirm new Password: type login password again.


Save settings and logout range extender settings.

Login again with a new password to confirm the password successfully changed.

Connect Range extender to Internet

After configuration of range extender device as AP mode unplug LAN cable from PC LAN and plug into modem or internet switch as shown below image.

Check from mobile or laptop new wifi name working with the internet.

If the internet should work and your range extender device work as a Wireless access point mode to connect wired connection.


This method can use only if the range extender device should at least one Ethernet port for input internet connection. You can try this method or any brand range extender such as Dlink, Netgear, Linksys, Tenda, and many other brands.

A simple way to turn a range extender device into the access point. Range extender device always depends on the wifi connectivity quality with host ap but when AP device connected to wired connection it will give you better speed and performance than a range extender device.


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