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Netgear Range Extender Factory Default

How to Factory reset Netgear Range Extender?

Range extender used to boost the wireless signal to extend the existing network. Wireless range extender also called WiFi repeater device to increase Wireless range in no coverage area. Netgear universal range extender device is available with multiple models as per the speed and single-band dual bands. There is some popular range extender device model is Netgear WiFi Extender WN3000RP, ‎N300-WiFi Range Extender, EX2700 and other models. It is available with 150Mbps to 750Mbps and Netgear AC1200 WiFi range extender with the single and dual-band both.

Universal Netgear range extender device compatible with Netgear and different brands Access points also. Configuration of the Netgear extender device quit simple and can setup from mobile as well as computers. In this post get the simple user guide to factory default Netgear range extender device from software and reset button. If you have any Netgear repeater device model then this user guide will help you restore factory settings.


Way to factory reset Range extender device!

There are two methods to factory default Netgear wireless extender device using soft reset and hard reset.

1: Soft Reset

Soft reset called software reset. It means making a device to factory reset form web interface. Making soft reset only possible after login repeater device and access system tools. You need a login IP address, username and password to login repeater device to execute soft reset.

2: Hard Reset

Hard reset called hardware reset. Hardware reset means making a physical reset device from the reset button available in the device.

Every router and repeater device comes with a reset button to restore fail safe made in case forgotten login details. Hardware reset useful when forgetting IP address, username or password to access the web interface.

Steps to Factory reset Netgear Range Extender

Netgear WN3000RP 300Mbps universal wi-fi range extender or any other model factory reset can be done with login and without the login web interface.

Note: making factory reset erase all the configuration saved in the router or range extender device. Before making reset to default make sure you have all configuration settings to confirm again to make working again.

Method 1: Reset Device from the Web interface

You required to login the range extender device to factory reset from the software. You can only reset from the software if you have a login username and password.

  • Connect repeater device using wired from LAN port or Wireless using WiFI name.


Netgear Range Extender Default Login IP Address/ URL: www.mywifiext.net

Default username: admin

Default password: password


  • Open Web browser and access http:// www.mywifiext.net
  • Username “admin” and password “password” for both for first time login.

If you have a change login password already use the same password to login web interface.

  • Click the menu icon
  • Settings > Other Settings
  • Backup Settings

Tips: Before executing reset take the configuration backup to restore configuration after factory default range extender to avoid long downtime.

Press the Reset button to restore the configuration.

You will get a confirmation for the factory default repeater device.

How to reset the NETGEAR EX7000 range extender

Confirm OK and wait until device reboots.

These steps make the software reset the device to the range extender.

Method 2:  Hardware reset Netgear Repeater device

Making hard reset from the reset button does not require to connect and login web interface.

  • Connect rang extender device to wall socket and let it power on.
  • Use a needle to press the reset button.
  • Find the factory reset button with a small hole available in the device.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 7-10 seconds and release button to factory default.

netgear wn3000rp-200pes reset

Wireless extender devices will start rebooting after a successful reset.

This method called hardware reset or hard reset of the range extender device.

When using the Factory reset option?

The Factory restores option is a fail-safe mode to recover router and other network devices in case forget login IP address, username, and password.

  • IP Address not working or forgotten after change default IP address.
  • Hard reset range extender if forget login password and username.
  • If range extender device not working properly or connecting disconnecting issue facing then make software reset to fix the issue.


Final Word

Use the reset default router or repeater device only if it is strongly required. Avoid making a factory reset in case you have no information about configuration detail to set up the device again. Always try to use software reset from the settings page and take configuration backup of settings to avoid disconnection of the internet after the factory reset. Above steps for factory reset Netgear WiFi extender device work with any Netgear wireless extender models.

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