Tenda N300 Repeater Mode Configuration Step by Step

Tenda N300 Repeater Mode Configuration [N301]

Tenda N300 Repeater Mode Configuration Step by Step

Tenda N301 300Mbps home wifi router for all popular internet providers. It is a low-cost wireless router with two Omni antenna with 4 physical Ethernet ports. 1Wan and 3 Lan port use to connect a wired device such as Desktop, network printer and NVR. This router supports multi-mode such as WISP, Router, Universal repeater and can configure as per requirements.

Tenda n301 wifi router can use as a range extender mode with any brand wifi access point to boost wifi signals. Tenda N301 Wireless N300 Easy Setup Router in Universal repeater and WISP mode to turn your router into a wifi signal booster. Universal repeater lets you connect wired PC and Network printer from LAN port without laying physical cable from the main internet router. Also, know universal repeater mode for Tenda O3 outdoor CPE.

 Tenda N301 Range extender setup Connection

To turn the Tenda N300 WiFi router into a universal repeater need to connect physically from LAN port.

Connect LAN cable to any port from 1 to 3 Number LAN port and direct plug to PC/Laptop LAN port as shown below image.

power on the router with a power adapter comes with a box.

tenda fh303 repeater mode

Configure PC LAN IP Address with Tenda Default IP Address series.

Tenda N300 WiFi Router Default IP Address –

use  in Laptop/PC Lan Port in static mode.

follow steps to setup LAN IP Configuration in Windows, Mac, and Linux PC.

Login Tenda WiFi Router to Setup Repeater Mode

Once you have connected the Tenda router to the Laptop and IP configuration done.

Now Open the Web Browser and access  or for ADSL.

You will get a setup wizard for router mode configuration.

Choose Dynamic IP and Press OK button to login into settings.

tenda repeater mode

Repeater Operation mode setup

Now the first step is setup the operation mode from router to Universal Repeater.

Go to Wireless Repeating – Universal Repeater

White Tenda N301 Wireless Router setup

Once Universal repeater mode selected, the router will start the scan all running Access point nearby.

You will get a list of all running WiFi names near your repeater device.

Find your main WiFi name from the list as shown below and type your WiFi password to allow connection from Tenda repeater.

Press Ok button to save the setting.

tenda w309r universal repeater

You will get a pop-up notification to confirm reboot device and after reboot, router will turn into universal repeater so only can access using “tendawifi.com”

tenda w268r repeater

Press the OK button to confirm and wait for the device rebooting finish.

Note: While router rebooting change the Laptop LAN settings to DHCP mode.

Go to Network settings and change TCP/IP4 setting to obtain an IP address automatically.

Access Tenda Universal Repeater

After change settings now open web browser again and access “tendawifi.com” to open Tenda repeater settings.

Repeater Connection status.

See the connection status: Bridged successfully in Universal repeater Mode.

tenda n300 router wireless repeater

How to Fix WiFi Signal issue using Old WiFi Router

Setup Repeater SSID and Password

You can configure Repeater SSID and password different from main WiFi name and passwords.

Go to Wireless settings

WiFi ON/OFF – drag button toward the right to make it enable.

WiFi Name– Type repeater WiFi name in this box.

Security Mode: WPA2-PSK (recommended)

WiFi Password: type password for Tenda repeater device.

How do i configure Tenda N301 router as a repeater with primary

Press the OK button to save settings.

After router reboot now go to wifi connection and connect repeater SSID to confirm setup complete and repeater device start increase signal and wifi connectivity.

Tenda N301 Datasheet Download 

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