OpenWRT WISP Repeater Mode Configuration

OpenWRT WISP Repeater Mode Configuration

OpenWRT an open source router firmware to boost the performance a normal router by adding many extra useful features. WISP stands for Wireless internet service provider mode. In WISP mode router wireless work as a WAN port and wifi device work as a router. You can use OpenWRT wisp mode to share internet cable to multiple users without adding an additional wifi router.

WISP mode also can use to turn OpenWRT powered router into a wifi range extender to boost wifi signal. OpenWRT WISP repeater mode can configure with non-OpenWRT router also using the simple client mode. In WISP mode router not work as a bridge connection it works as a router so you can not access the device connected to the main router from the device connected to OpenWRT WISP mode. In this post, you will get a simple configuration step to setup the OpenWRT router as WISP repeater mode to work as a wifi booster.

OpenWRT WISP mode Setup with non-OpenWRT AP

  • Connect OpenWRT Router to PC/Laptop using LAN cable to access the OpenWRT configuration page in a web browser.
  • Configure your Laptop/PC Lan IP address to access OpenWRT in default mode.
  • Go to PC/Laptop LAN TCP/IPv4 Static IP address to access open Wrt IP.

OpenWRT Default IP address:

Default username- root

Default password: NA

Open a web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and access OpenWRT default IP

Press the Login button to access the settings page.

No WISP mode on AR300M with firmware OpenWrt

Change OpenWRT Default IP Address

As most of the router comes with a default IP Address http://192.168.l.l  so before setup OpenWRT router it is highly recommended to change LAN IP.

To change LAN IP Go to Network- Interfaces

Find the LAN interface (Green color).

How to Configure OpenWRT Wifi Router WISP

Press the Edit button to enter in network settings.

Protocol: Static Address

IP Address:  change this ip address to new IP address and press Save & Apply button.

 tp link mr3040 openwrt as wisp

Access OpenWRT with Change new IP address again and follow steps to configure as WISP repeater.

OpenWRT Configuration as WISP Repeater Mode

Now go to Network-Wireless

Press on the Scan button to search wifi network running nearby.

openwrt setup as wisp

Wait to load all wifi names in the scan list.

See the SSID name of your host wiFi router on the list.

Press the Join network button to connect from OpenWRT.

WISP Client router with OPENWRT

Keep ready your Main WiFi password to allow OpenWRT device connection.

WPA Passphrase: type your main wifi password.

Press the submit button to proceed next steps.

Set up wifi openwrt

In the next steps device will auto select wireless mode to client and Mac Address of host router.

Press Save & Apply button to confirm settings and wait.

configure openwrt wifi router wisp ap client mode

The router will take a few seconds to save settings and revert back to the wireless page.

In the wireless page, you can check WISP connected status signal quality with main Wi-fi router.

Make sure your WISP router getting at least 50% of the signal from the host router.

Setup WISP Repeater WiFI name and Password

Once the router connected to the host WiFi router using WISP mode now create the wifi name and password for repeater signals.

To add range extender wiFi name go to Network- Wireless

Find the Mode: Master in the interface list.

Press the Edit button to change the default WiFi SSID and set Key.

My complete OpenWrt Setup Guide

See the interface configuration settings on the page.

1: General setup:

ESSID: type the WiFi name for Repeater signals to use repeater existing wifi network.

2: Wireless Security: Press on the tab and set the WiFi security for the extended network name.

3: Press the Save and Apply button to confirm settings.

Set Wireless to Station + AP Mode Simultaneous

Once all settings save to go to Mobile WiFi and connect the Repeater name to confirm internetworking.

OpenWRT WISP Router Placement

The placement of the repeater device depends on the extended signal and wifi connectivity.

Always find a place where the WISP device can get at least a 50% WiFi signal of the main wireless router.

Follow the WiFi Repeater Placement guide to get proper signal and connectivity of the WiFi router.


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