Techfacture Wifi Extender Setup User Manual

Techfacture Wifi Extender Setup to Boost WIFI Range

Techfacture Ac1200 and Ac600 dual band range extender to boost wireless range to extend your existing wifi network without using a wire. Setup TechFactrure WiFi signal booster is simple as configure any other range extender device that is compatible with a third-party access point and router.

Techfacture wifi repeater has 2 Omni directional antennas for providing long-range for extended networks, 1 physical LAN port to use the Repeater device in AP mode or router mode, a WPS button available for quick setup, and a reset button for restoring settings to default.

There are two ways to setup Techfacture Wireless range extender device using the WPS method or using the web interface that needs connection. Connect Signal booster device with WiFi router signal WPS method is a faster way and does not require any login detail and password of existing Wi-Fi. Default login settings printed to repeater sticker as well as quick login guide included with the box while buying new Repeater.

If WPS not working for your router and failed to connect the Techfactrure repeater device with the WIFI network then you can use a second way using the login method that you need connection with the repeater. Follow the steps to connect the repeater device using the WPS button and web interface login.

Configure Techfactrure Extender using the WPS button

Setup Tech Facture signal booster using the WPS button need a WPS feature and enable it on your host router if you want to connect the range extender device. Make sure the WPS button is enabled before proceeding with this WPS configuration step.

  • Unbox the Tecfacture Repeater device and plug it into the power socket near the WiFi router for configurations.
  • Switch ON the Range extender device from the right side bottom power button.
  • Make both WiFI antenna tower ceilings before starting configurations.
  • Go to the Internet WiFI router and locate the WPS button beside the LAN port.
  • Press the WPS button on the Router for 2 Seconds and the release button and go to the Extender device
  • Within 2-minute press the WPS button on the Techfacture wifi extender device and release.
  • Extender  Signal Led light will solidify after connection with the Existing WIFI network.
  • Check on Mobile or Laptop WiFi for the new Extender SSID name “WIFI_EXT2G” and “WIFI_EXT5G” look like will booster signal name.
  • Connect any WIFI name and check it should connect with 100% signal and boost internet speed.
  • After configuration removes the Extender device and finds a proper place to install it where you facing a signal coverage issue.

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Best Placement of Range Extender

Tips for Range Extender Placement

  • While placing the range extender make sure extender both antennas should be the top direction.

  • Range extender devices should not be under the table or inside any cupboard.

  • Find a location where your existing WIFI network can get at least 50% signal.

If the WPS button not working for your Wireless router to connect the Techfacture WIFI booster device then you can follow tech facture wifi extender setup instructions using the login method from a mobile or Laptop.

Setup TechFacture Range Extender from Mobile/Laptop

Techfacture wifi extender setup using a Mobile or computer required a connection with the Device either using wireless or wired. You need a working LAN port Laptop/PC or a Mobile or tablet to configure the Techfacture repeater device from settings. Follow the steps to connect the Techfacture booster device.

  • Unbox the Techfacture Extender device and plug it into the Power socket near the Main internet router.
  • Scan on mobile wifi and you will get the WIFI name “TechFacture_2G” or “TechFacture_5G” for the default SSID name. connect any of the wifi networks from a mobile or laptop.
  • If you want to use LAN connection, just use a LAN cable from the Extender LAN port to the Computer LAN port.
  • Open the Web browser and access Techfactrure default login IP to the URL bar.
  • You will get a Techfacture login page with a language option. Use the default username and password “admin” for first-time login.
  • After login Repeater device will scan for all WIFI networks running nearby and you will all the WIFI network name lists.
  • Select your Existing WIFI SSID name that you want to connect from the Techfacture repeater.
  • In the next steps, you need to provide the existing wifi password to allow connection from the extender.
  • Along with the WIFI password option, you will get the option to set a new WIFI name for the Extender network that you can use default or can change as per your choice.
  • Press Apply button and it takes a few seconds to connect with the extender device.
  • After the configuration is done check the mobile or laptop wifi network for the New Extender WIFI SSID name that you create or if using default then the WIFI name will be like “Existing Name_Plus”

After the configuration is done relocate the extender device where you facing a signal poor problem.

If you facing any issues while trying to connect to Techfacture or forget the WIFI password of the old Techfacture extender device you factory reset the Techfacture range extender device.

How to Reset TechFacture Range extender?

Making the Techfacture range extender reset will erase all configuration and need to setup it up again with wifi network. After resetting you can access the repeater device using default settings.

  • Connect the Techfacture Range extender device to the power socket and make it turn on.
  • Locate the WPS button bottom side for 300Mbps or the Front side 1200Mbps extender device.
  • Press the WPS button for 10 Seconds and the release button.
  • The booster device will take a few minutes to restore to default mode.
  • After the resetting process is done you can follow the above steps to set up Techfcature again.

Final Words

The configuration manual for the Techfacture range extender and any other wifi repeater device is almost the same only login settings might be different. You can use this user manual to setup the Techfacture repeater with any model number. The Default login settings are printed to the extender sticker and a quick user guide includes a box for first-time buying.

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